Behind the design – designer’s eye

The Habitat design team often travels to oversee the collections, and there’s always a production tour. Furniture and upholstery designer Matthew Long can’t help but notice the quirkier details.

‘There are the machines that are little robots or ninjas, busily bending tubular steel, as if they might jump to life like Disney characters at any moment. I see machinery parts that make up the shape of a face and full-size trucks that look like toys. Factories aren’t cold places, I find the volume and scale really exciting. They feel almost alive.’

Behind the design is the world as seen by creative director Polly Dickens and her team of designers and buyers. It’s the inspiring journey Habitat ideas and products go on from sketchbook to shop floor.

As well as mainland Europe, many of Habitat’s upholstery pieces are made in the UK, including the Clarke sofa.

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