Behind The Design: The Arianne Table

From sketch book to shop floor, discover the inspiration behind our statement Arianne dining and console table.

Made in Vietnam by a small family run business, the Arianne table is a colour-popping design that will bring texture and personality to your home. With each table, around 50 recycled Heineken bottles are crushed into the mix to give the table its unique finish and design. Due to the nature of the design each table is subtly unique, meaning you have your own one-off piece.

Terrazzo console table with crushed beer bottles

Habitat’s Matthew Long describes the inspiration behind his design, “we discovered this stunning green glass terrazzo while on a design trip to Vietnam and knew we had to design something special to showcase it. The terrazzo is hand mixed and uses chips of recycled beer bottles within it to give texture and an amazing finish. This design is about celebrating the top so the simple metal framework beneath directs your eye up towards it.”

Step by step process: 

To start, concrete is mixed together with crushed recycled beer bottles to achieve its interesting design and textural finish.

Once mixed, the concrete and resin mix is then poured into an upside mould. Once set, it’s then turned out and ready for the frame to be attached.

The slim metal framework is then attached to the table and flipped over ready for polishing.

Terrazzo dining table with crushed beer bottles

To finish, the table is sanded down to achieve a smooth, slightly textural finish and a clear lacquer is poured over to seal and protect it.

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