Behind the design: the Habitat mattress

Mattresses. Hmmm, we’re sensing it may be a challenge to catch your eye with this topic of discussion? Ok, just 10 seconds more of your time, please:

You’ll spend the equivalent of a third of your life lying on a mattress so it’s worth investing in a quality mattress.

Got your attention? Yes, we thought so! In all seriousness, we really do think our mattresses are something to shout about and, like most things at Habitat, we only work with the best.


Kaymed is a world leader in mattress and sleep innovation whose heritage stretches back to 1898. Based in Ireland, not only do they manufacture our mattresses, Kaymed also produce all the components; from the raw materials into the foams, fibres and fillings to the springs produced on-site using Swiss precision machines. This makes Kaymed unique; we don’t know of any other mattress maker in the UK or Ireland who makes a mattress using entirely their own raw materials. Not only does this speak for itself in terms of quality but also works to reducing their carbon footprint in transportation.



The average mattress takes at least 2.5 hours to produce, from start to finish. More innovative designs can take even longer. With a Habitat mattress, the hand of the maker is intrinsic to the product. Kaymed mattresses are still made the old fashioned way. Most of the processes involve the human touch and craftsmanship. Every fabric is cut and sewn by hand, hand-tufted or quilted in machines run by quilt operators. Of course modern machinery is used to convert metal spring wire into finished pocket and coil springs and our foam and fibre is made predominantly on modern state of the art machinery, but at the heart of a Kaymed mattress, be it a modern or traditional design, is the team of people who have a hands on role in putting the product together. Simply said, each Habitat mattress is an original.


Being leaders in innovation, Kaymed have ensured that your every need is catered for. From open-celled memory foam (great for reducing pressure, discomfort, increasing body-conformance and keeping the body at a cool, fresh temperature) to pocket sprung (for those who find they wake their partners); synthetic covers (easy to clean and anti-microbial), Cool-Max treated covers to help keep the body fresh at night-time and ensure even temperature to natural fillings (cool in summer, warm in winter); a starter mattress for your first home together to a back support system for those who need additional back support, Kaymed will have thought of it and, in turn, Habitat will have the perfect mattress for you.


Now all you need to do is choose and, for that, we have the Habitat mattress buying guide. But, rest assured, whichever option you go for, you know you’re buying the best.

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