Original Habitat: Erica Davies

Meet Erica Davies, the former fashion editor and face behind the style and lifestyle blog, The Edited. Renowned for her envy-inducing interiors shots on Instagram, we couldn’t wait to have a little snoop around her stylish home as part of our Original Habitat series, and luckily for you, we took a photographer with us. Don’t say we don’t spoil you…

Original Habitat: Erica Davies

Where do you live and who do you live with?

I live on the north Essex/Suffolk border with my husband James and our children Charlie, 7 and Lila, 5

Why did you choose this particular location and home?

We wanted to move out of London to an area that would give us more space, with countryside and beaches close by but so we could still commute easily into the capital for work.

Tell us a bit about yourself. Can you summarise what you do for a living?

I was a fashion editor for the best part of twenty years, working on a variety of titles including The Sun and LOOK magazine. After my second child was born, I started a blog called The Edited – technically so I could remain creative while on maternity leave. It grew from there and my blog and social channels is now my full-time job.

Is this your dream job and why? What do you enjoy most about your job?

Absolutely! And I was pretty happy when I worked on a magazine! I love the flexibility it offers for myself and for my family. I get to experience some amazing things, while writing about what I love. I also love the interaction with the people who follow me – you get immediate feedback and support.

Original Habitat: Erica Davies

What inspires you to do what you do?

So many things! I love the fact I can incorporate all of my passions, from fashion and beauty to home décor and design – and I get such a buzz from seeing how my images or words inspire other people’s own home or wardrobe choices!

What exciting projects have you been working on lately?

This lovely one with Habitat! I am very lucky and get to work with some incredible brands. There is lots coming up, so watch this space!

How would you describe your interior style?

Colourful, eclectic and fun, but with a classic twist.

Original Habitat: Erica Davies

Where do you find interior inspiration?

Everywhere, from hotel design to Pinterest, Instagram to eating out at restaurants. I think very visually, so always find it easy to refine an idea once something has inspired me.

Which 3 Instagram accounts would you recommend for interior inspiration?

Mad About The House, Kelly Wearstler and 2LG.

What’s your favourite interior trend at the moment?

Dark walls, lots of plants, brass trims.

Original Habitat: Erica Davies

We’ve noticed lots of bold colours and patterns around – what’s your top tip to someone considering introducing colour or print into their home?

Start off simply with a cushion, rug or even just a tea towel. Add it in as you might if you were wearing a neutral outfit, as an accessory. Keep adding a little more, building up the colours by taking inspiration from your starting print.

We’ve also noticed lots of green hues – what do you like about this particular colour?

The starting point was actually my grass green stair carpet, which is by Roger Oates. We live in a very green, leafy area and I wanted to incorporate that into our home. It’s a repeated motif, with the plants, Habitat sofa, chest of drawers and cushions and it brings consistency to quite a busy scheme. I’ve kept the colours similar throughout the house, adding different accents in different rooms.

Original Habitat: Erica Davies

Are you a Habitat Voyeur?

I absolutely am!

Whose home do you most admire?

So many people’s homes! Lots of people have amazing style. I am constantly inspired by peeping on Instagram.

What does Habitat mean to you?

Habitat, for me, means shopping with my mum. There was a big store in Chester and mum was – and still is – a constant home decorator! My aunt lived down in London and I remember a fabulous velvet sofa she bought from Habitat – which she still has!

Which Habitat products do you love and why?

The sofas are incredible – I have the Hendricks corner sofa and it’s just one of my most favourite pieces because it injects such a pop of personality. I also love the tableware – the mugs and splatter oven dishes are so fabulous.

Original Habitat: Erica Davies

You chose the PATSY gold round mirror and ORRICO brass side table as your favourite pieces. What do you love about them?

I love the round mirror because it creates such impact – it’s perfect for checking make up as well as providing an Instagram selfie! The side table picks up on the brass accents I have elsewhere and is also so useful!

What’s your favourite thing about your home?

The kitchen is my favourite thing because we have just finished it and it’s the space we all use so much. The colour and little corners make me so happy!

Original Habitat: Erica Davies


We have almost finished the downstairs toilet, but my last purchase were trees for the garden which is just being planted.


I have absolutely put my stamp on it – it was very bland and magnolia when we bought it. It’s also fairly modern (only 8 years old), so adding character without being tacky has been a major concern.

Original Habitat: Erica Davies

Tell us about your most treasured possessions? What’s travelled with you from home to home?

I have a collection of vintage peach glass venetian mirrors which have come with me from home to home. I bought three off a make up artist friend when she was relocating back to Australia and picked the others up at junk shops. They look great together and take up an entire wall so you don’t have to worry about any other art.

Where is the heart of your home?

The kitchen, absolutely. I love hanging out with the family in there for long weekend breakfasts and the papers (well, the kids watching cartoons on the tv!)

Original Habitat: Erica Davies

If you could re-live one moment in this house what would it be? Tell us about your favourite memory.

The first day we moved in was memorable, although not sure for the right reasons as it was 9.30pm on the 21st December! Madness, but we wanted to be in for Christmas!

Is this your perfect habitat?

It’s my perfect habitat for a while. Never say never. We still haven’t started on the bedrooms or bathrooms, so we are starting to save for that next year.

Tell us something interesting about yourself or your home that not many people know.

If I could have my time again, I would have trained as an interior designer!

Who would you invite to your dream dinner party? And why?

Michelle Obama, Oprah Winfrey, George Harrison, Graham Norton and Marilyn Monroe. They all fascinate me and I’d love to chat to them all!

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