Glamour Competition Winner: What She Bought

What would you buy if you won a £1000 shopping spree with Habitat? Well that became a very real predicament for the winner of the competition we ran in conjunction with Glamour Magazine. Sarah Percy takes us through her basket of treats. And remember, next time it could be you!

Hi Sarah, congratulations on your win! So, tell us, what did you get?

I am soon to be moving into a new home and there’s a lot of sensible stuff which I needed to tick off the list. I bought a lot of kitchen stuff including the Brighton cutlery set and Esmerelda dinner plates.


I bought bath towels in grey and green, which I thought  would compliment each other nicely, a Ditsy bedcover set and a yellow Havill throw. I love yellow and it seems to be a popular colour at Habitat, so I bought some pieces from the Garner range of office storage.


I do a lot of travelling, so I always come home with mementos that I want to display in my home, to remind me of all the places I have been. I spent some of the money on frames and shelves – quite neutral pieces like the Drew bamboo units, which can really showcase all of the things that I have collected and allow my personal taste to show through.


The two Niven side tables I bought in the sale section should do the same, although they have a bit of personality to them, with the coloured legs.

Otherwise, I love the copper trend that is all over the place at the moment. I have bought quite a few things which fall into this category, so hopefully they will all go together well! I got some copper baskets (Clissold and Stanford), which I’ve seen quite a lot on Pinterest, some Collier coat hooks and a cafetiere.


I also bought two Maui deckchairs for my best friend and partner. They have just bought a house in London so money is a bit tight for them and I thought they would appreciate a helping hand. They have to let me stay with them free of charge from now on though!


Wow, you got a lot! Where are you going to put your new Habitat items?

At this point, it’s all being stored at my long-suffering parents’ house! But I’m planning for that to change in the near future.  I’ve never lived alone before, I’ve always rented with other people and now I feel is the time to get my own place. Obviously I will be renting, so there are limitations to how much you can do decor wise. This makes it even more important to surround yourself with things that reflect your personality and style. The furniture and objects that you bring with you into rented accommodation really help to put your stamp on a place and make it feel like home, even if it’s not for the long term.

What’s your favourite purchase?

I think my favourite item is the copper Bodum cafetiere. It was definitely more of an “I want this” item rather than “I need this”. I’m obsessed with coffee and I love the copper trend. I’d never usually be able to justify spending £40 on a coffee pot so it was really great to treat myself.


Why do you love Habitat?

Their products are always on trend, so you can find something which is very stylish but also functional. Everything I have bought is useful, but also makes your home a nicer place to live and reflects your personal style. I like that their collections aren’t too big; they concentrate on doing a few things really well, continually refreshing the collections to reflect changing trends.

What’s on your wishlist for this season from Habitat?

I’m finding it hard to think of anything else I might need for now! I really like the Moroccan trend that is going round at the moment, so maybe if they had anything that fitted into that.

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