Interview with Stephanie Bateman Sweet

Stephanie Bateman Sweet, Writer, Stylist & Blogger at TheLifestyleEditor (which happens to be one of our favourite blogs around!) answers a few questions for us below on trends, the perks of her job and what she can’t live without this summer!

Where does your zest for interiors stem from?

I took a fashion option when I did my textiles degree, and went on to open a small shop selling both fashion and interior accessories for a couple of years. I think this was when my passion for interiors started, and I probably should have become a buyer for an interiors brand…but the bright lights of the wonderful world of magazines came calling, and I then went on to work as an interior stylist and writer for numerous titles.

What’s your favourite trend of the moment?

I tend to love a more natural aesthetic than a highly designed one, so have been loving the dip-dyed and Shibori effect on textiles at the moment – a modern update of the ancient art of tie-dye. I am also a fan of a rough-luxe vibe, and love a mix of materials such as concrete and copper – which makes for a more interesting, textured interior, and suits me just fine. I also think craft is an exciting arena at the moment. The hand-made aesthetic is gaining more importance and more notice, with our wealth of talented makers here in the UK.

Habitat Dinnerware

What’s your favourite new hangout?

The spa at Chewton Glen hotel in the New Forest is one place I love to go to for some much-needed emotional healing, and special-occasion indulgence. No matter how you feel when you arrive, you will feel like the weight of the world has literally lifted off your shoulders when you leave there!

If money were no object, what would you purchase and why?

A cool and contemporary house by the sea, preferably the Mediterranean, so that my friends and family can spend long vacations there with me! Oh, and can I have a pied-à-terre in Paris too please?!

Your spring/summer essential is…

sunshine would be my most essential need – it makes the day a truly better place. Days at the beach, long, balmy sun-soaked evenings spent in the garden, around the table with good food and friends – I think being outside lifts the spirits. I spent a lot of my younger years living in a warmer climate and crave that indoor/outdoor lifestyle.

Who or what inspires you?

Passionate and optimistic people who make me feel that dreams are possible to achieve! It is always great working on a project with like-minded people and the feeling that you are going to achieve great things together.

Habitat Outdoor Furniture

I love the Habitat...

new Albee garden furniture with the combination of metal and teak – classic wood with a contemporary update and cool design…perfect for outdoor dining! There are also some great new ceramics and tableware, such as the Tomar platter – which has a lovely, handmade aesthetic.

What are you working on at the moment?

I am constantly researching for my blog to find new people, places and products, and am keen to expand into a new area, so watch this space! I am hopefully off to sunnier climes to style a shoot with a production company for a high street store in two weeks, so will be prepping for that. I have a dream to do a book too…one day maybe!

What do you love about your job?

No project is ever the same! The unexpected, the inspiration, and working with a wide variety of different creative people, make this career all the more rewarding. I have also had the privilege of working in-house on various great magazines, and have loved being part of a team as well. Creating visual content is an exciting process that I absolutely love being part of.

Your favourite room is probably…

the kitchen, as it is generally where the most time seems to be spent! Many of my friends are foodies so we spend a lot of time cooking and eating, not to mention photographing what we eat! A perfect kitchen would have great natural light, and space to sit and eat is also a bonus – they are best when they are social spaces as people always tend to gather in them!

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