Hendricks: The Star Of The Show

Hendricks was always set to be an icon. Its clean lines and oversized proportions make it the perfect sofa for lazy days and very stylish nights.


It is perhaps no surprise to hear that designer Matt Long was watching a lot of Mad Men around the time of designing Hendricks; its 50’s/60’s styling would be quite at home in the offices of Sterling Cooper. The angular shape, low lying button back, deep sumptuous seat and oversized arms, perfectly lending themselves to the resting of a head, laptop or (to stay true to character) a freshly poured bourbon.

Black and white Italian woven fabric Hendricks sofa with bold scatter cushions


Hendricks has many guises. Will you choose smooth wool to make the most of those clean lines? Or how about channelling the 70’s with a velvet option for decadent relaxation? Maybe you’ll go for the ultimate: luxury leather. Hides are hand selected for their quality and drape resulting in the most luxurious of all the options. And just when you think you’ve got it nailed, it’s time to choose the colour!

Hendricks sofa

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