Original Habitat: Henry Holland

Fresh from his collaboration with Habitat, it was only fair that Henry Holland opened the doors to his personal ‘house of Holland’ in return. The fashion designer lives near London Fields, London, with his boyfriend, David and French Bulldog, Peggy.

Given the colour explosion that typifies House of Holland’s catwalk collection, it is a surprise to see so much white in Henry’s home, “My home is quite neutral and we got quite nervous about slapping colour on the walls. So we’ve chosen to do that through artworks and textiles.” This is most evident in the open plan living and dining room. The sofa is littered with the insect-decorated cushions of his Habitat collection and the floor decorated with the Paradise Leaf rug, his favourite piece from the range, whilst the walls stay unapologetically white.

Original Habitat: Henry Holland

It’s an armchair upholstered in vintage needlepoint which holds a special place in his heart, “There’s a tapestry in there from from all the women in both mine and my boyfriend’s families”. An entire wall within the dining room is given over to prints, posters and photography, “silly little things, sentimental things, valuable things…just things”. Things they may be but it’s clear to see that this is Henry’s home and not the result of a hired interior decorator’s vision. In fact it’s Henry’s mother who plays a major part in his home style, “My mum collects antiques…she’s like my personal interior designer”.

Original Habitat: Henry Holland

Another important female in Henry’s life is his dog, “Peggy is very much in charge of the decor. She has very strong opinions – anything she doesn’t particularly like, she’ll just wee on.”

Original Habitat: Henry Holland

Our favourite room however turns out to be the same as Henry’s: the bathroom. The enviable block herringbone marble floor is a thing of beauty. “It’s inspired by the floors in the Celine stores and the work of Turner prizewinner Martin Creed” and fashioned from offcuts sourced for £1800 in a “skanky” warehouse in Leyton. He spends most of his time in this room; be it in the freestanding rolltop bath, typing on a precariously balanced laptop (don’t try this at home!) or in front of the mirror, “if your hair is as important and significant as mine is this is where the quiff becomes The Quiff”.

Original Habitat: Henry Holland

All in all, Henry is our kind of home-owner, “I would say I’m 100% a voyeur. I get called a curtain twitcher by my boyfriend all the time. The fact that our window is a bay window means look down the street and be even more of a voyeur.” Thanks for the peek into your place, Henry.

Henry on the Hotspot:

What would you save in a fire?

One of my Martin Parr prints.

DIY or handyman on speed dial?


Your favourite drink?

Black coffee

Your failsafe dinner party dish?

Spaghetti Bolognese

Soundtrack to your life?

Anything by Rhianna

Loud night out or cosy night in?

Loud night out

Describe your perfect weekend?

Big night out followed by lazy day in bed

Favourite TV show?

Modern Family

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