House Of Holland X Habitat: Henry’s Favourites

The colour-o-meter has exploded since the House of Holland x Habitat collaboration hit stores. Fashion designer Henry Holland’s unique way with hue and pattern has become his sartorial trademark. Now that you can get the Holland effect at home, we wondered: what are Henry’s highlights?

Henry Holland

How did you build the range?

We initially looked at the Habitat range as soft furnishings but as the line-up developed I felt really strongly that we needed a piece of furniture to bring it all together and decided on the Abel seating. We then had to work on marrying the logistics of a finding a sofa manufacturer, who had capabilities in digital printing, with the ability to develop the shapes and designs we wanted to execute. All these challenges resulted in a truly collaborative process and a product that is all the better for it.

Model on a House of Holland X Habitat Sofa

Can you tell us about your favourite piece?

The Paradise Leaf rug for sure. I love the 3D effect they’ve achieved by shearing the wool at different heights to create depth and texture. It’s already found its way into my home and it isn’t going anywhere!

Dog on the House of Holland X Habitat Rug

House of Holland is known for its bold colour, we assume the interiors collection follows in a similar vein, how would you like to see it used in people’s home?

My home is quite neutral and we got quite nervous about slapping colour on the walls. So we’ve chosen to do that through artworks and textiles. I can definitely see my collection working in a more minimal home, against a white backdrop and using the cushions and rug to inject fun and colour into the space. I think when people buy homewares they get the fear and think they should buy neutrals so they stand the test of time but playing around with colourful soft furnishings can really change a space.

House of Holland X Habitat Cushions

Which piece would you love to see someone buy?

It’s got to be the rug! But, actually, any of it. I get such a buzz from seeing people wear or use my stuff. I was in a Mexican restaurant a few weeks ago and saw a girl wearing a scarf from about 5 years ago and it made me so happy that she clearly still loved it.

Shop the collection in-store at our London flagships and online now.

Photography: Andrew Woffinden

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