How To: Introduce Pattern Into Your Home

It’s a fact that many people fear introducing pattern into their home in case they get it wrong. Bring incorrect patterns together and your finished look won’t be cohesive, or have too much of the same pattern and your home will resemble an interiors catalogue. So how do you get the right balance? And how do you introduce and mix your patterns successfully?

Tiling patterns are a big focus in the Habitat Autumn/Winter 2017 collection, and a big hit with home lovers too, who are still enthusiastic for geometric pattern and print across their furniture and accessories.

So, let’s look at how easily you can introduce pattern into your home, using inspirations from the latest Habitat range, and remove all the fear and trepidation around decorating in this way.

Why Choose Geometric Patterns:

The geometric pattern trend has been in home interiors for some years now and doesn’t seem to be waning at all. In fact, it seems to be increasing in popularity every season, with designers and interior fans using it in more and more adventurous ways. It’s an easy look to live with. Whilst many of us don’t appreciate a floral design, geometric or tiled patterns feel ordered, balanced and appeal to our symmetry loving brains.

Where to Begin:

If you’ve never introduced pattern and print into your home before and always preferred blocks of colour, start with a simpler tiled pattern on a rug or cushion for example. Take a design that uses a white background too; it will be less intense and help you coordinate with the rest of your home in a more seamless way. Start with just one piece here and there. Live with it for a while, and once you know you love it begin adding in a few more. Several pieces of the same style will help your décor feel well put together and thoughtful. Once you’ve played with these new designs, it’s time to be more adventurous.

Don’t be Afraid to Experiment:

Once you’ve got to grips with using a few geometric prints in your home, you can really start to experiment. The fun happens when you start to layer and mix up your tiled patterns, creating bold statements and stylish designs, adding personality and flair to your home décor.

There really aren’t too many rules anymore around mixing up your prints. Stick with one style, like the tiled geometric pattern and use it in differing colours, designs and sizes. If you don’t want your room to feel too eclectic, stick to one main colour running throughout your choices, or one main pattern to give the finished look some balance. Using one or two colours as accents throughout will also give your room a professionally styled feel, and sticking to accessories from the same retailer makes this so much easier.

Think Creatively:

Your geometric pattern can come in all kinds of shapes and not just from rug or cushion patterns. Be imaginative when creating your room scheme and take inspiration from furniture designs that embrace a geometric tiling feel.

Pattern comes in all guises. Through texture, scale and formation across different materials. Through weaving, tufting and printing in many mediums. The new A/W17 collection gives you vast choice in geometric pattern, bold colours and contemporary designs, allowing you to create a beautifully styled home, full of character and creativity.

Do you love the tiled geometric pattern running through the A/W 17 collection? Will you be using this design in your home décor this season?

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