Interview: Charlie Casely-Hayford

Charlie Casely-Hayford is a menswear designer whose tailoring has graced the backs of Michael Fassbender and Robert Downey Jr., to name but two. He lives in Notting Hill, London with his girlfriend, Sophie, who runs interior design studio, Studio Ashby.

How did you find the place?

My girlfriend Sophie was living here before I moved in with her this summer.

Did it feel right immediately?

Sophie’s an interior designer and I love her aesthetic so it didn’t take much for it to feel right pretty quickly.


How have you made this house your home?

An excessive amount of books and even more art. Art plays a really strong role in both of our lives.


How did you shape it – and how did it shape you?

When we moved in we decided to completely cover every surface in art in quite a maximal way, but use neutral colours for the furniture and interior to create a contrasting minimalism. It’s the perfect balance for both of us.

The tranquility of the flat has definitely had an effect on me and made me appreciate my down time a lot more than I ever have in the past. Up until moving into my current place, I’ve always felt most comfortable in my design studio which is completely minimalist . It’s a nice feeling to finally have that separation from work and home.

Where’s the heart of this house?

The sofa in our living room.


And the head?

The kitchen of course.


What’s travelled with you from first home to this?

The sculpture of the Thinker in our living room. One of my great friends bought a copy for me as a gift from the Rodin museum when I was at school. It’s been by my side ever since

What’s your most treasured possession?

I wear a suit, cropped trousers and boots everyday. My parents got me my first pair of boots when I was 15 months old – I’d only just learned to walk. They’re a bit dusty now but I’ve still got them on our book case.

If you could re-live one moment in this house what would it be?

Last Notting Hill Carnival was the first time in my 20 odd years of going that I actually woke up with the carnival on my doorstep. I’m so used to travelling in from east London, where I grew up, it was an amazing feeling to be right in it.

Are the doors open or closed?

I’m quite a private person and am forever closing all the shutters. My missus doesn’t care who sees what and loves letting the light into the flat, so continuously follows me around opening them all up again.


Are you done yet? Is this your perfect habitat?

I live with an interior designer who’s lived all over the world. I have a feeling I’ve still got a bit more moving ahead of me.

Is there a crossover from fashion design to home design and vice versa? Can you think of an example?

Fashion is about the new – it’s based around transiency and capturing a moment in time. In home design something from the past is just as important as something modern. Something old or antique can provide character, memory and gravitas that something new often cannot – home design is maybe more akin to style rather than fashion.


Do you have any memories of the Habitat brand specifically?

The first time I moved out from my parents’ house, I remember going to Habitat to try and make my first flat feel a bit more like a home.

Which Habitat products are your favourites?

I’m really into the black and white ceramic serving bowls [Thake].


Charlie is the latest creative to feature on #HabitatVoyeur. You can see more of his home here. And be sure to catch up on past personalities here.

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