Kevin’s Supersized Salvage

Habitat is thrilled to be part of the new TV documentary ‘Kevin’s Supersized Salvage’.

In this 90-minute special, Kevin McCloud challenges three designers to turn an entire Airbus A320 into hundreds of amazing new products in a giant ‘Up-cycling’ experiment. Their task is to find a new use for every single piece of the plane, leaving only an empty hangar behind them.


The office pods and desk lamps, rickshaws and rocking chairs, luggage, storage and even jewellery that they fashion from this fallen giant will prove – in a spectacular and sustainable way – that creativity is a genuine solution to Britain’s waste crisis.

Once all the items had been designed and created, they were showcased and auctioned off at the Habitat Platform Exhibition space at the Kings Road store in London.


The proceeds raised from the auction of the plane creations will be for NCCA UK; a children’s cancer charity working to raise awareness of neuroblastoma, fund research and support families so that more children can survive the disease, connected personally to the MD of Sycamore Aviation, who donated our plane.



Combing passion, design knowledge and practical making skills, each of our three designers have one thing in common – they live to redesign, re purpose and remake.

Paul Firbank is a scrap metal magician and based in the East End of London (otherwise known as the

Max McMurdo is the ultimate up-cycler. In 2003, Max set up, a company dedicated to designing a range of desirable furniture made from salvaged material.

Harry Dwyer is a mad inventor that grew up on a farm tinkering with machines and building whatever he could imagine, including bespoke vehicles. Harry is a semi-professional maker and whilst he takes on commercial projects he also runs a small electronics company, and recently collaborated with the artist Antony Gormley.


Kevin’s Supersized Salvage will be on Channel 4 Thursday 24th April starring Kevin McCloud.

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