Behind the design – Macadam chair

The Macadam folding metal chair has been a Habitat classic since it was introduced in the 1970s. This classic powder-coated steel chair works perfectly for every day use, it’s lightweight and comes in a range of colours to suit any room.

It’s also the perfect stowaway standby for the festive season, when extra guests in need of seats will be glad to see you miraculously produce a couple from the cupboard.

Habitat creative director Polly Dickens recently took a trip to the factory where the Macadam chair is made, finding colour, pattern and texture everywhere she looked.

‘Wherever I go on a trip, whether it’s to a ceramic, textile or, in this case, a metalwork factory, I have my camera ready to capture the little details of pattern and colour that catch my eye,’ she says.

‘The factory that makes the Macadam chair is extraordinary. There’s movement all around you, from the chairs on the production line to people operating the machines. Sparks fly! It has a real rhythm that’s quite hypnotic. There are piles of gleaming metal, sections of chair and shots of colour everywhere. I love seeing the process from start to finish.’

Macadam silver; Macadam black; Macadam coral; Macadam green; Macadam white; Macadam grey; Macadam blue

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