New & Now: Hand of the maker

This season, Habitat continues to celebrate craftsmanship. Our ceramics are the very embodiment of this.


From hand-sponging and applying colour wash via the potter’s wheel, to mark-making the surface, these techniques result in each piece being unique. Whilst the design is all Habitat, it’s the sure-handed skills of the maker decorating them that creates a work of art. The modern-day alchemy of using reactive glazes, where the heat of the kiln dictates the true originality of colour, pattern and glazing is as beautiful as it is uncontrollable. The result: almost one-off pieces. See our range of vases.

Ceramic vases and elephant object


Inspired by the Shack trend in textiles we have translated bold, colourful stripes in a variety of ways from washy watercolours to graphically linear designs. Suton and Taka are decorated with overlapping layers of colourwash, left to spill down the sides of each vase, creating a unique reactive glaze. The namesake ‘Shack’ vase is inspired by seaside stripes with shades of azure, cobalt blue, carmine red and white bleeding into a turquoise base. Get ready for summer!

Green multicoloured vases and object


Our producers, many of whom we have worked with for years, span the globe, working as far afield as Thailand and Vietnam and, it may surprise you to learn, much closer to home in Portugal. All specialists in their field, this is where artisanal skills make for truly modern design. Explore our range of accessories from around the world.

Orange and yellow vases and object

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