Our 50th birthday logo

We know, we look good for our age, right? To think 50 years ago that we would still be going strong in 2014 was a dream, to say the least.

Our Habitat family has grown and changed since the 60’s and never has our excitement and determination been stronger than it is now.

To celebrate our golden anniversary in the UK market, we commissioned James Joyce to design a one-off 50th birthday logo to commemorate Habitat’s last five decades. James has taken inspiration from Habitat’s colourful, modernist archives and has included the original Habitat logo from 1964 and the ‘heart home’ logo designed in 2002.

The tessellated image uses minimalist representations of five of Habitat’s most iconic chairs including: The Campus low back armchair (1969), OMK T2 Easy Chair (1973), Forum armchair by Robin Day (2000), Portrait chair by Philip Treacy (2004) and Rocker armchair (2007).

Joyce was initially approached by Habitat in 2013 with the project. He explains that:

“..in the concept stage of the artwork I had used various geometric patterns rendered in bright colour but in the next stage of development I started to look at making those patterns from actual items of furniture. I liked the idea that perhaps you see the pattern initially and then on a secondary level you notice that the design is made up of chairs or lighting and then the connection with the products history becomes apparent. It was then that we looked back through the whole of Habitat’s 50 year archive and picked out some key pieces to be included in the pattern designs. There are a lot of graphic shapes inherent in the designs of Habitat products and so I was able to choose the designs that best allowed me to exploit these shapes to hopefully product some interesting compositions.”

Our latest visual identity will be used across a range of channels from May, so keep an eye out for it!

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