Pages from history – 1973

We love looking through our archive of Habitat catalogues. They showed how great design can (and should) be a part of every day life – something we’re all still passionate about. So, we thought we’d share some of our favourite images here on the blog in Pages from History.

We’re starting with 1973.

The Sagbag collection carried a very polite promise: ‘Hundreds of thousands of polystyrene granules obligingly accommodate themselves to every body. You plump the shape that suits your mood.’

And a big claim for the Palaset storage system. It was, ‘The most versatile range ever invented. You begin with a basic cube which, if that’s all you want, makes an excellent table. Screw two to a wall and there’s the beginning of a shelf and storage system which can grow and grow and grow… There is no end to the places you can put Palaset – under the bed, beside the stove, next to the telephone, under the stairs… It’s up to you.’

The very glamorous ladies were lounging on matter-of-factly described ‘enormous, fat cushions’. The fabric print was inspired by Oriental carpets, but the ‘dry-clean only’ instruction didn’t make them exactly pool-side friendly… Back indoors, there was more lounging on the Jumbo Floor cushions, particularly enjoyed by the ladies’ four-legged friend.

The catalogue has a ‘How To’ on duvet cover use (seen in our Story of a Classic: Duvet post), as well as these brilliant colourful divan sets. Available in instant coffee brown and eyeshadow blue (not really).

Cementing its cool, the 1973 catalogue included an icon of the times – Mr Chow, relaxing with the OMK sofa and armchair collection. The catalogue instructs: ‘Please state colour of leather or Groovy required.’ Only in 1973!

The Mozarella seating collection is very clever, it even has Latin in the description: ‘This curvy foam seating is versatile – chairs go together ad infinitum to make sofas.’

We’ll be blogging more Pages from History soon.

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