Quentin Jones: About The Collection

It’s finally arrived! The Quentin Jones for Habitat collection is here. Highly acclaimed illustrator and mixed-media artist, Quentin has transformed her unique style into a collection of rugs and cushions, where modern art meets traditional techniques. And it’s a collection like no other…

Structured typography, bold primary colours, fluid freehand lines and figurative elements all assemble together to showcase Quentin’s signature style and are reworked before being created by hand into rugs and cushions full of personality. Each product in the collection showcases a different hand-finished technique from one of Habitat’s oldest textiles supplier.

Quentin Jones rugs and cushions collection for Habitat


First approached by Habitat’s Head of Design Kate Butler, the initial process was for Quentin to begin creating a textiles range that would translate her illustrative and collage based artwork into a collection that would take centre stage in homes for years to come. As Quentin explains, “I love simple monochromatic, and primary palettes that echo the Bauhaus and Constructivism.  I am drawn to bold graphic shapes, with minimal fuss which might be from having grown up in the house of two architect parents, who were keen minimalists. ”

Quentin Jones Eye Eye cushions for Habitat


Part of a collection that celebrates artistic fun and creativity, Quentin has played with typography and collided it with hand painted lines, shapes and punchy primary colours. “I was drawn to playing with elements of the human face which becomes a central motif in this collection.”

Quentin Jones collection for Habitat

Want to know more? Read on to see all of the pieces that make up Quentin’s debut homeware collection and the inspiration behind each one…

Eye-Eye 1 Embroidered Cushion

“I worked around the idea that the sofa becomes a character once the cushions are placed on it. Here I’ve used very simple painterly brushstrokes, a torn edge cobalt blue iris that ties to the main palette of the collection.”

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Quentin Jones Eye cushion

Eye-Eye 2 Embroidered Cushion

“Figurative elements have always played a central part in my work, as I re-assemble the human body through a mix of collage and illustration. Here I’ve used very simple painterly brushstrokes to create an eye giving a knowing wink.”

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Tunnel Vision Embroidered Cushion

“Tunnel Vision’s playful hand-painted eye is superimposed onto incomprehensible wording, artistic fun and creativity taking over from formality and structure.”

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Quentin Jones Tunnel Vision cushion
Quentin Jones My Love cushion

My Love Embroidered Cushion

“The composition of My Love hints that it is part of a larger artwork, a fragmented piece that tells part of a bigger story which only becomes clear when you see the pieces alongside its Eye-Eye, My Love rug counterpart.”

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Wordpool Rug

“With this design I like how you don’t actually notice the typographic letters at first and then they become so obvious at a second glance. I wanted to use letters here just for their shape, and not as symbols at all.”

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Quentin Jones word pool rug
Quentin Jones Eye Eye, My Love Rug

Eye-Eye, My Love Rug

“I wanted this design to be as simple as possible, so when you look down at where you are actually standing on the rug it doesn’t seem to be part of a drawing but just bold marks under your feet.”

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Antrausic Rug

“The rugs in this project have given me the chance to blow up my artworks onto a much larger scale. I wanted to capture the torn paper edge of collage and have juxtaposed the rigid typography with a more fluid hand painted chevron.”

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Quentin Jones Antrausic Rug

Want to read more? Discover the traditional handmade techniques used to create the collection from loom to room. We’re also hosting a competition that allows one lucky winner to get their hands on a pair of Quentin’s Eye-Eye and Tunnel Vision cushions. But be quick, the competition isn’t open for long.

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