Original Habitat: Quentin Jones

Fresh from designing her debut homeware collection for Habitat, we were lucky enough to catch up with mixed-media artist Quentin Jones at her home in North London.

Tucked away in Kentish Town, Quentin’s minimalist home is filled with style, character and naturally, lots of art. She gave us a tour of her stylish London pad, and luckily for you, we took a camera with us…

Quentin Jones' hallway with coats and bags

Where do you live and who do you live with?

I live in Kentish Town, in London, with my husband George and our two sons.

Why did you choose this particular location and home?

It was half way between both of our work places and it’s a nice area where we could just about afford the house.

Tell us a bit about yourself. Can you summarise what you do for a living?

I am an artist and film director, who paints and takes pictures. I grew up in London, but was born in Canada and have spent time living in New York. Oh, and I have a boy’s name.

Quentin Jones

Is this your dream job and why? What do you enjoy most about your job?

It is my dream job, but that’s not to say I have got to where I want to get to. I constantly am day dreaming about where I would like things to go next.

What inspires you to do what you do?

The travel and getting to film the most amazing talent all over the world. And then the quiet personal time in my studio editing and painting. Both balance each other really nicely.

How would you describe your interior style?

Before this project with Habitat I actually had never thought about this before. But now I think I would say it is somewhere between quite calm and modernist in places, with white walls covered in loud art.

Quentin Jones' living room filled with prints along a back wall

Does your work influence your interiors in any way?

Well yes in that a lot of my art is on the walls… until I can afford more of other peoples!

Where do you find interior inspiration?

I don’t actually ever research interiors, I just enjoy it when I see cool homes and work studios etc on Instagram or in magazines.

What’s your favourite interior trend at the moment?

I don’t know if it’s a trend, but I love it when people re-purpose things and use them in new ways. Like using old windows and putting mirrors behind to make a new way to frame a mirror. We have something like that in our bathroom that I found at a cool old antiques place on the Essex Road.

Quentin Jones' bathroom with white walls and black and white patterned floor

Whose home do you most admire?

Isabelle d’Ornano’s apartment home in Paris is probably the most amazing home I have ever been to. She has art covering not only the walls but the ceilings too. It is so rich and characterful, and if it wasn’t so chic it would seem extreme.

What does Habitat mean to you?

I remember running around the Tottenham Court Road store as a child, playing hide and seek with my siblings, driving my parents mad who had only popped in for new kitchenware or something. Nowadays, I am always checking out what new light fittings and cushions they have in stock.

Which Habitat products do you love and why?

I am obsessed with my new habitat sofa. I have never sat on a more comfy and luxurious feeling sofa.

Quentin Jones' velvet 3 seater sofa

What’s your favourite thing about your home?

The people in it- sorry, so cheesy!

What do you enjoy doing at home to relax?

Cooking, drinking wine, and sleeping as much as our babies will allow.

Quentin Jones' bedroom with white bed sheets and black bed

What was your last interiors project and purchase?

Probably the only room that has evolved in the last few years is our kids room which now has a bunk bed suddenly and new shelves for more toys…they change quicker than us I guess.

Tell us about your most treasured possessions?

I love pieces we have picked up travelling-like our coffee table is really amazing and we found it in Marrakesh. Or we have lots of carved wooden antiques from the Paris fleas.

Quentin Jones' living room with wooden artefacts

Where is the heart of your home?

In the kitchen/dining/living floor for sure.

Quentin Jones' dining room with wooden table and chairs

If you could re-live one moment in this house what would it be?

The days after both babies arrived. So hazy and cosy, never getting out of bed and having friends and family coming over with all sorts of cakes and other treats.

Is this your perfect habitat? What would complete your home?

Nothing is ever perfect- but lucky I am not a perfectionist, but still always striving for something new. Nothing would make this home better, but there is always the next home to think of.

Quentin Jones in her living room

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