Story of a classic

Simplicity is often the route to a timeless aesthetic and that’s certainly true of the sculptural Ribbon lamp, a Habitat favourite since it was designed by Claire Norcross in 2004.

‘The brief was a table light which focused on a balanced proportion between base and shade,’ she says. ‘I was also asked to look at using metal and challenged myself to make the lamp from one piece. At the time I didn’t really use a computer, so resorted to modelling shapes in paper.

‘The Art of Papercraft by Hiroshi Ogawa has been a continuous source of inspiration in my work. The simplicity and elegance of the loop of paper in this image really stood out to me. The development from that point was how to make it stand up.

‘A few more folds and creases later and the form was beginning to take shape. With a small, hand-held model and a scaled-up drawing of a “ribbon” of paper, the design was sent out to the maker in the hope they could translate it into sheet metal, which they did, beautifully.

‘The finishes for the design are amazing and while the form was primarily my concern, the lighting team were great at spotting an opportunity to experiment with luxurious high-gloss finishes, as well as colour. Copper is still my favourite.’

Not just for desks or consoles, Ribbon makes for a very glamorous bedside lamp. Try two metal versions in a dark, moody bedroom painted in Coal matt emulsion. Ribbon is available in two sizes and various finishes. Find out more about Claire Norcross on her website.

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