Rick Edwards answers our questions

TV presenter, author and comedian, Rick Edwards, is the latest all-round stylish bod to take part in our Habitat Voyeur series. Rick takes you on a little tour of his ‘pile’ here but we wanted to get to know him a little better and he happily answered some quick-fire questions. Cheers, Rick!


Habitat: North or South London?  Why?

Rick: North London. As my Dad always says ‘South London isn’t really London’.


H: What makes this a good location for you?

R: I love Kentish Town and have been here for years. Close to the Heath, close to town, lots of good places to eat and drink…


H: What was important when choosing your home?

R: Space for entertaining – we like having people over. Also lots of natural light.



H: DIY or get the professionals in?

E: Get the pros in. I do my best with DIY, but my best is wack.


H: What’s your ultimate dinner party dish?

E: Rare Japanese beef with wasabi mask and soy and ginger dressing.


H: Fabric or leather?

R: Fabric. Leather is too sticky.


H: Pattern or plain?

R: Pattern. Live a little!


H: My interior inspiration comes from…

R: My girlfriend! She’s got a ‘good eye’.


H: What’s your ultimate interior hate?

R: ‘Keep calm and blah blah blah’ posters.


H: Night in or night out?

R: Night in, please!


H: What would be the sound track to your life?

R: Dr Dre – 2001


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