Room recipe – modern bedroom

Stuck for bedroom ideas? Habitat’s clever visual merchandising teams know how to build accessories, textiles and accessories into gorgeous room sets, so we thought we’d share their ideas from our Tottenham Court Road store on the blog.

Give your bedroom an artistic mood with in-house designer Rebecca Hoyes’ Blot and Zulpo collections. They use striking indigo blue in a cool, calm way and don’t worry about everything going together, she says…

‘It’s very important to everyone at Habitat that the designs we create show the hand of the maker and celebrate the human interaction in a piece. So when we were thinking about a new textiles and ceramics collection for this season, it was wonderful to be able to do that through watercolour. All the designs started out on paper, sometimes using really delicate Japanese paper. I stuck with the same rich blues throughout but experimented with scale and shape.

Scale was always key for me, because I wanted people to be able to mix Blot and Zulpo up – huge patterns, with more delicate designs. Brilliant production techniques meant we could replicate the paintings digitally – the results are so close it’s freaky! Whereas before it would be tricky to scale up a design, you can now blow them up to epic proportions. You can see every brush stroke.

I’m really proud that we’ve used a very traditional technique in such a modern way, after all, exploring and pushing techniques is how you create something unique.’

For a brighter, uplifting bedroom, look to Habitat’s new-season zingy Mauzy bed linen.

Mauzy king-size duvet cover linen; Agnes blue cotton rug; Zita throw; Kelby cable-knit cushion; Aker cushion; Aggy oak bed; Jarvis throw; Zulpo throw; Washed kingsize duvet cover; Lyla bed; Blot cushion; Zulpo cushion; Blot rug; Wallace dark stained oak floor lamp and table

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