How To: Scandinavian Interior Design With Pernille Teisbaek

Scandinavia has long been the home of inspiring interior design and classic fashion brands, and no one epitomises modern Danish cool as well as Scandi It girl, Pernille Teisbӕk. A fashion industry stylist, blogger and model, with over 460K followers, what she doesn’t know about Nordic style, quite frankly, isn’t worth knowing. In her new book, Dress Scandinavian, she discusses not only fashion, but also pared-back Scandinavian interiors with an eye on balancing elegant simplicity and minimalism with the inviting Danish concept of hygge, or in other words, homliness and warmth. Here she gives us the lowdown on how to introduce Scandi style into your home.

You’re known for your Scandinavian style. What sparked your interest in Scandi interiors?

Scandinavian classics not only influence the way I dress but my entire home. It’s obviously an investment that takes time as well as money, but to me fashion, art, architecture and design are all interconnected. Up until a few years ago, I spent most of my money on clothes. But when I turned 30, which felt both frightening but also the beginning of a new era, I decided that my birthday present to myself would be a piece of furniture, which would last my lifetime.

It was an investment that left no money for clothes, but I’ve never regretted it as for many years I’ve been in love with Wegner’s Flag Halyard chair, a simple chair that combines various materials in a wonderful way. It was the beginning of a new interest, which is slowly taking up more and more of my time. As much as I like to dress well, I also like being surrounded by nice things. I love traveling, but I also find great pleasure in staying at home. It’s important to have a ‘safe haven’ where you’re surrounded by gorgeous items that you really care about.

Pernille Teisbaek's scandi dining room

What is Scandi design? How would you describe it?

The combination of streamlined and organic shapes, lots of personality and exciting materials create the framework for the ultimate Scandinavian home. For example, when you mix leather, wood, metal and stone in the design of your home, it makes for something truly unique.

In Scandinavia, we spend more time in our homes than anywhere else in the world. Which is why it makes sense that we create some of the world’s most spectacular houses. We personalise our homes and we pay a lot of attention to detail. I grew up surrounded by classic Scandinavian furniture by masters such as Arne Jacobsen, Finn Juhl and Børge Mogense without even realising, but it definitely helped shape my aesthetic palette. It’s funny to think about how furniture in my home from 20 years ago has only improved with age, benefitting from the patina that comes with experiencing life.

Pernille Teisbaek's scandi living room

How do the Danish make a house a home?

In Denmark, we often talk about ‘hygge’ (‘cosiness’ for lack of a better translation), about the importance of creating a cosy and comfortable home. ‘Hygge’ has been discussed a lot recently, as people around the world have become interested in this Danish concept, which, at its heart, encompasses every emotion related to wellbeing. It’s a word we also use to describe the way we dress, but oddly enough, it’s not a word that’s easily translated into other languages.

Pernille Teisbaek at home

What are your top tips to introducing a Scandinavian interior design scheme into your home?

There are a lot of similarities I have found between the way we dress and the way we like to design our homes:

  1. Minimalism: We always prefer simple colours and streamlined shapes.
  2. Personality: We love to incorporate an unexpected detail. This could be something like a framed poster from a flea market.
  3. Mixed materials: Whether it’s cotton and lacquer or metal and leather, we like to combine different elements.
  4. Comfort and ‘hygge’: This is always a high priority, which makes us the world’s happiest people!

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All images sourced from Dress Scandinavian, Pernille Teisbaek, Ebury Press, £14.99.

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