Scandinavian simplicity; minimalist living rooms & furniture

The Scandinavian design trend has been hot on our heels of sometime and it’s not likely to go anywhere fast. There are many different styles within the ‘scandi’ bracket and the one that’s exciting me the most is a search for bold simplicity and warm minimalism. Yes a simplistic and minimal room can indeed be cosy! Just ask Hansel!

Scandinavian furniture designs at Habitat

Creating a soft minimal look for a living room is simple. I’ve broke this down to a few key points and discovered some great products to pair with this look.

Choose a calm base colour

White, grey and putty colours are my favourite. Painting the walls and ceiling the same colour is a great way to bring impact and sophistication to your room.

Think practically about the function of the room

For me, I like to lounge so a comfortable sofa is priority (remember how any people you need to seat!). The Hyde sofa is perfectly sleek, minimal and comfy too, it’s what I have in my living room, with its slender frame it’s simplistically elegant and comfy. So comfy in fact it’s become my cat Hansel’s favourite place to sleep.

Another great sofa is the bold and confident Malva sofa which is perfect in a grey wool. The bulbous forms of the Malva sofa bring in a confident look with a bit of fun.

Both sofas have clean lines and geometric silhouettes and most importantly are seriously comfy.


A minimal room should be clutter free. Consider what you have, love and need. Having getting slightly addicted to decluttering myself, I truly recommend this be done. It can help to clear the mind, appreciate what you have and make it so much easier to achieve your ideal home design.

Storage boxes are always a great help when hiding all of your nick-nacks that you don’t want to get rid of. Metal trunks and woven baskets look stylish and can be used in any room.

Keep your surfaces clear and add display your treasured accessories, remember to keep it simple and play with scale, this will create a big impact on style.

Mano Oak Cabinet by Habitat.

A considered colour palette

A minimal room can still have colour. Keep the colour tone in the room consistent for a cohesive look. Light greys with hints of green, blush and putty colours are on trend but are also timeless.

Natural and raw materials

Appreciating the purity of natural and raw materials is typically Scandinavian. Mix materials and textures such as woollen rugs and throws, handmade ceramics, natural wood, concrete etc. Habitat’s Braid and Flokati all have a cool Scandi vibe. Adding such accessories will help bring everything together, warm the room, making it tactile and interesting.

Using concrete furniture like the Galet outdoor table brings an element of sculpture to the room, concrete is a much loved material for minimalists. It may be unexpected to use a garden table inside but these grey tones and matt texture work perfectly with this scheme.

Add greenery

Bring a room to life with plants, it’s a perfect way to subtly add colour too. For this minimalist look I’d suggest to stay green with plants such as Fiddle Fig, Rubber plant, and Boston Ferns. Using large concrete planters would be a great minimal statement.

A pared down living space, free from clutter, cosy, stylish and minimal is my idea of heaven. Less is more has a whole lot of meaning.

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