Sofa Stories

AW14 Habitat Sofa Infographic

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If your sofa could only talk what secrets would it reveal?  Does your sofa have stories to tell? We take a peek at the curious life of a sofa. During the average lifetime of a sofa it see’s 293 arguments 1,300 cuddles 1,600 spillages 1,271 soap operas 782 films We sit on sofas for 17 years of our lives Brits relax on their sofa for four hours a day and 19 hours at weekends which is a whopping 17 years over a person’s average lifetime. £40m is hidden in loose change down the back of UK sofas Roughly 60 pence a month is discoveed down the sofa which comes to a surpising £58.20 over the sofa’s lifetime which is around 8 years People do all sorts on the sofa… With the 2 days spent on a sofa every week they … Watch TV Read Eat Snooze Sofa or Settee? What’s in a name? The word sofa comes from the Arabic word suffa which means “wool”, while settee comes from the Old English which was used to describe long benches with high backs and arms. Technology helps us ‘sofalise’ ‘Sofalising’ is when we talk to friends or loved ones through electronic devices on the sofa rather than going to spend time with them in person. What’s your sofa story? We’d love to know your sofa story, share your story and a sofa selfie on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or with #sofaselfie @habitatuk

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