SS15 Press show review

In light of the exclusive new online SS15 press show that we launched last week, we thought we would show you what all the hype was about! Members of the press were treated to a new way of receiving information about the forthcoming season’s products. For those who aren’t familiar with press events, they are usually events that take place in a showroom where the press (people who work for newspapers, magazines and blogs) are invited to see the new collections before it launches so they can write articles and plan photo shoots around the new products ( as press typically work months in advance of a publication going to print.) This is the video that we created for the press to view online last week. Check it out and let us know what you think! The pictures below are from behind the scenes at the filming of the above video. Adam Crudgington, Habitat’s amazing and tireless PR Manager tells us a bit about his role as the head of the Press department to give you an insight into his world.

1. What is a typical day in the role of PR Manager for Habitat?

The ultimate aim in the press office is to get people talking about Habitat as much as possible. Our job is to build relationships with the media so that readers hear about our new products and latest stories through product placement in magazines such as LivingEtc or Vogue, feature stories in big national papers such as The Times or Daily Mail or photo shoots and film content for TV, blogs and online websites. The problem is that every other press office out there is doing the same – so we are continually having to think of new ways to grab the attention of journalists and bloggers by coming up with new story ideas and proactively working with media to feature Habitat products and tell our story. So as you might expect we spend a lot of time talking, emailing and tweeting to find out what all of our contacts are working on – be that a trend feature on copper or a story on how fashion is influencing home wares. We send out press releases, photos, organise loans of our products to be used in photo shoots and supply quotes from our Design Studio to be included in these articles. It’s a fast paced world and one that is constantly changing- so it’s never dull!


2. What is the reason for having press shows?

In the magazine industry you have ‘long lead’ publications which are your big glossy magazines like Elle Decoration, Marie Claire, House & Garden etc (they work about three or four months ahead due to the amount of time it takes to publish a hard copy publication). To put it in perspective – journalists work on their March 2015 issue in November 2014!) This means from a PR perspective that we have to give the press a preview of what our summer collections will look like in the depths of winter – and vice versa – we have to launch our Christmas collections in July (which feels very odd) – so that we are included in these magazines at the right times! Traditional press shows are an opportunity for us to present the new collection in a creative setting. We will normally hire a central London venue (our last show was held in an amazing abandoned warehouse on the South Bank in London) and our Visual Merchandising Team will create some beautiful ‘sets’ to show off the product – and we’ll then invite journalists to see the new collection and we’ll talk them through what the big trends are for the season and the stories behind the products.


3.What made you decide to have an online press show this season? It’s a genius idea!

We wanted to try doing something completely different and that nobody else had done before by taking our show completely online this season. Habitat has always been about trying new things so admittedly it’s quite a risky move but we wanted to be the first to do it! Journalists and Stylists are extremely busy people so the concept was to create a show that could be taken to them at their desk – so that they didn’t even have to leave the building or their home. We were also finding that a lot of bloggers are based out of London so by moving the launch online it included all of our contacts around the UK. So, we decided to use video content to present the new collection – telling the stories the same way as a press show does but in just three minutes – a super-fast tour of the key stories to look out for. We then built a special web site that incorporated this movie content along with interviews from our buyers and designers and photography of all of the new products that can easily be downloaded to be used in publications.

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