Storage Solutions To Help You ‘Spark Joy’ + Win The Book

Following her bestselling book ‘The Life Changing Magic of Tidying’ (3 million copies sold and counting), Marie Kondo is back with ‘Spark Joy, An Illustrative Guide to the Japanese Art of Tidying’. Marie has made tidying her life’s joy. Based in Tokyo, she runs a highly successful business helping clients transform their cluttered homes into spaces of peace, beauty and inspiration. So what she doesn’t know about tidying simply isn’t worth knowing.

How to fold stockings, socks and thick tights

Sorting your socks the Marie way

We have 5 copies of her new book to giveaway (scroll to the end of the post to enter) and, once you’re up to speed on the art, look below for the practicalities: storage solutions for every section of your life.


“If a dresser has several drawers, it is more natural to keep the lightest things at the top and the heaviest at the bottom.”

Tatsuma chest of drawers

Look to Tatsuma for enviable sartorial storage. Hand over the top drawer to underwear, the next one down to vests and t-shirts, after that it’s delicates (fine knitwear and the like) and the bottom drawer to jeans and casual trousers.


“When you gaze upon your pantry shelf, you should be able to tell at a glance where everything is.”

Habitat Storage Jar

You can’t beat clear canisters for food storage, especially if you’re following Marie’s method for easy identification. Store is a range of acrylic containers with airtight lids so you can be sure your quinoa stays as it should.


“One essential item for tidying papers is a ‘pending’ box….such as letters you are planning to send, outstanding bills etc.”

Macula gold mesh file tray

And just because the contents are boring, it doesn’t mean that ‘pending box’ can’t be beautiful. The Macula gold mesh file tray ticks every box.


“Magazines are short-distance runners with a very ‘brief’ season…set a limit on the maximum number of issues you can keep.”

Clissold Copper Baskets

We suggest using Clissold for the job. In copper, the colour of the season, it’s the stylish way to store your current stash of periodicals, brochures and catalogues. Position by the side of your sofa so they’re always within grabbing distance and once it’s full, it’s time to edit into the recycling bin ready for the next batch.


“The most common approach to storage is to stand them upright in your medicine chest.”

Grey Trunk

Rather than playing Jenga in your overfilled bathroom cabinet, a more modern way to store your medicine would be within Trunk. A generous height of 17cm provides enough space to store that bumper bottle of Pepto Bismol upright and avoid leakages. It’s handy latch closure works towards providing security from nimble handed nippers. Just add a padlock from your local hardware store.

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