Story of a classic

‘A few shakes and in 20 seconds the job is done. That’s how you make your bed,’ said Habitat to its first customers in 1964. The duvet meant a new mindset for a nation brought up sleeping under layers of sheets and blankets, smoothed into hospital corners.

With a ‘Slumberdown’, customers could buy from a selection of bright, modern covers. ‘These marvellously cosy quilts cut the work of bed making to a minimum. They simply have to be shaken out each morning, plumped up and laid over the bed. Until you’ve tried this method of making a bed, it’s difficult to believe it could be so simple and so comfortable. Once experienced, you’re never likely to change,’ said the 1971 catalogue.

The duvet was at the centre of controversy in the 1973 catalogue, when it was shown covering the modesty of a sleeping mixed-race couple. In its own small way, the arrival of the Continental quilt was another signal that lives were being freed up to make way for lifestyle; a labour-saving device from forward-thinking Europe.

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