Tottenham Court Road: The Best Bits

Our iconic Tottenham Court Road Flagship store has undergone a £1.5 million revamp over the past year and is now fully open for business!

The redesign has allowed Habitat to completely rethink the 25,000 sq ft space and make it the best place for you to shop. From ‘open’ window displays allowing you to see right through the store, via a mirrored showcase ‘pop up’ area to house interior design installations and events to digital points where you can access the entire Habitat range in all its glory. Everything for your home is at Habitat.

Habitat Tottenham Court Road Flagship store

Of course, it is Habitat through and through, as is our history on ‘furnishing street’. A building stripped back to its original architecture to maximise the space, a simplified glass central staircase, ‘floating’ till points and dark wood floors throughout all serve to make the product shine.

We asked some of the people who were instrumental to its redesign what their favourite bits are. Pop down to TCR – we can’t wait to see you there!


My favourite bits of the new store are the timber floor and the handrail on the staircase.

The handrail is solid walnut crafted for us in a workshop in Lewes and is ultimately tactile. You can see customers almost stroking it as they walk down the stairs. The flooring is everything I dreamed about for the store with a contemporary feel without being hard or harsh. It has been beautifully laid using three different widths of planks which stops it from becoming too regular.

I love the changes of pace between departments;  the bright white brick, oak and warm colours of the kitchen department in contrast to the all-grey cave of the lighting department, where lights can glow and be shown at their best.

Habitat Tottenham Court Road Flagship store

Habitat Tottenham Court Road Flagship store

The bright blue till points are pure floating geometric shapes. All the kit required is embedded in the surface or hidden within so nothing detracts from their simplicity.


The thing I love most about our new store is the redevelopment of the staircase area including the dramatic dark unifying floor.

Habitat Tottenham Court Road Flagship store

In the last major refurbishment of this store circa ’96, somebody thought it was a wise idea to add in 6 extra pillars and numerous low hanging bulkheads around the staircase to create symmetry. In effect these false additions blocked many sightlines and created a ‘race track’ around the stairs.

The once part tiled/part timber floor actually marked out where customers were allowed to walk, such an antiquated idea! This meant that the layout of product was in a very boring circuit format where you’re effectively marched around room-sets like sheep to slaughter! Demolishing these false edifices has now meant we have freedom to layout the store in any fashion we see fit.

Habitat Tottenham Court Road Flagship store

It’s now a wonderful experience where you can wander and discover. Wherever you go there are surprising things to explore at every turn. Doing away with traditional window displays has also meant every part of the ground floor is now fully engaging from both inside and out.  


196-199 Tottenham Court Road



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