What to take to university: our uni checklist

Ask any imminent university go-er whether they’re prepped for their fledgling move and as long as they a) know their halls of residence flat number and b) how many steps that is from the student bar, they’ll assume they’re good to go. The parents among you might have a more comprehensive checklist in mind. Either way, don’t panic, here at Habitat we’re well versed in what it needs to make a home from home. Whilst the generalisation is that students really don’t care where they sleep, what they eat and how they do both, a few weeks in they’ll be craving some creature comforts. What we’ve got will shock any undergrads into action and reduce the parental workload for those who need to give things a shove in the right direction.

Everything you need to ensure the plan comes together over the next few weeks has been compiled in a handy checklist you can print off and take shopping with you. Just click the image below to download it.


From the bigger spends on beds and sofas to the oft-forgotten (but muchly needed) tea towels, you’ll find it all, and everything in between, on the checklist and at Habitat. Don’t be under the misapprehension that all these supplies will get trashed either; in a straw-poll here at the blog we still have Habitat saucepans, a laundry basket, 2 lamps and a desk chair all alive and well in our (now grown-up) homes, some 19 years on! Proving that, in some cases, a bedside table is for life, not just for uni…






Good luck to you all.

Love, Habitat x

P.S. And, for you students, here are some top tips for the big move:

  • Always book the bigger van.
  • Do a supermarket shop on the way.
  • Your mum will cry, if not on “goodbye”, in the van on her way home. Be kind.
  • Hangovers do hurt. Always. Rehydration and sleep will make it easier to deal with. There are no known cures.
  • Uni will give you friends for life.
  • Never underestimate the importance of tea towels. Or toilet roll. Buy both, in bulk.
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