Behind the design – Zatti quilt

The Zatti reversible quilt has come a long way, says Rebecca Hoyes, senior design manager

‘I love the idea of looking at a piece and seeing evidence of a human hand at work. It gives it real warmth. Traditional techniques are a good starting point. Something that has been tried and tested over the centuries will be a pleasure to use and have around you.

Zatti is made in Jaipur, Rajasthan; a region famous for fine-cotton quilts. You often see them in beautiful, multicolour piles on camel carts as you walk down the street. We wanted to keep the mood of the technique, but update it. I designed two graphic patterns – one for each side – which we took to the workshop in India. I say workshop but, with its endless pots of dye and colour-splattered floor, it feels more like an artists’ studio. I was in my element.

Screenprinting is a way of working which is quite forgiving of imperfection, which is right because this quilt isn’t about uniformity, it’s meant to feel relaxed. A highlight of the trip was seeing the test panels drying in the sunshine.’

With its subtle, chic print, Zatti will sit happily among other patterns or make its own statement in a neutral space – a bit of exotic India, for any room.

Behind the design is the world as seen by creative director Polly Dickens and her team of designers and buyers. It’s the inspiring journey Habitat ideas and products go on from sketchbook to shop floor.

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