Cook it, Live it: Danish Rye Bread Porridge

We’re now only days away from the opening of the pop-up restaurant at Habitat Kings Road (you can read all about it here) and already salivating at what Michelin-starred chef, Christoffer Hruskova, will be filling our tummies with. To whet your appetites, we have an exclusive recipe from the man himself.

Now, porridge: it ain’t just for breakfast. Øllebrød is a traditional Danish dish found bubbling away on every stove until the 1800’s. A pot was always on the go into which leftover bread and beer would be thrown. Sugar, vanilla, milk and butter sweeten the affair and it would suffice as a restoratative, any-time meal. Christoffer suggests serving it as a dessert and we wholeheartedly agree.

See you at the pop-up.


400 g dark rye bread

2 bottles or roughly 700ml dark stout

60 g soft dark brown sugar

1 vanilla pod

125 ml milk

10 g butter

Zest and juice from ½ lemon

50 ml apple juice

Pinch of salt



Take the crusts off the rye bread and then cut the rest of the bread into smaller pieces. Place in a bowl, cover with half the stout and leave to soak overnight.

Next day add to the soaked bread; milk, apple juice, vanilla, dark brown sugar and the remaining stout .

Transfer the mixture to a pan and cook over a medium heat until the bread becomes a thickened, smooth porridge. Pull it off the heat and add salt, butter, lemon zest & juice.

Serve it warm with ice cold cream and poached fruit.


The pop-up restaurant will be at Platform Gallery, Habitat, 208 Kings Road SW3 5XP on 2nd and 3rd May. To book a table, please email:

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