Cook up a storm with Gousto!

InsertEver found yourself desperate for a home-cooked meal but you find you don’t have the time to plan ahead, buy the ingredients and prepare it? The team at Gousto are here to help you.

Their business was founded on the idea that you would be more inclined to find the time if you had a helping hand. Not only do you get sent ingredients for the recipes (in measured portions, no less..), but you get sent weekly recipe cards so you never have to think about what you’re going to cook- it’s all decided for you- so that you can spend less time in the supermarket and more time doing the other things you enjoy.

Where the idea of the business came from? The idea was born from our founders, James Carter & Timo Schmidt, who wanted to cook adventurous meals but both led busy work lives, rarely finding the time for grocery shopping.

Is the business run from inside the UK? Gousto HQ is based in Shepherds Bush, where we create all our recipes in the Cookpit. We pack all of our delicious boxes in our warehouse in Spalding, Lincolnshire.

Where do you gain inspiration from for the dishes: Everywhere! Amongst our team we’ve travelled around a fair bit of the globe. Also the benefit of being based in London is that we get to experience all of the foodie events and buzz that surrounds food. From street food stalls to Michelin star restaurants – we eat for inspiration (tough life, eh)?  We also have our own food blog, as well as obsessively following others. Also lifestyle magazines, recipe books and the TV keeps us up to date on what’s popular and relevant.

Where do your ingredients come from? All of our vegetables and meat comes straight from nature’s doorstep. We source fresh produce from local farms in Lincolnshire which is famed for its fertile soil. The majority or our ingredients are from good old Blighty but we also have Italian, French, Japanese and other speciality suppliers, so we can offer those authentic international flavours to our dishes.

What’s your favourite dish that you create and serve at Gousto?  We do a really lovely rainbow salad with honey & cumin-roast beetroot, carrot and feta with a zingy ginger, lime and coriander dressing and toasted pumpkin seeds. It sums us up nicely; colourful, healthy, quick and above all easy.

What’s your favourite cuisine and why? We’d have to say Asian. Cooking is so much about balancing flavours and Asian food acknowledges sweet, salty and sour, like no other. Along with the fresh aromatic herbs and lean meats, it’s our go-to cuisine for feeling good!


* Gousto have kindly offered readers of our blog an introductory offer for people to try out Gousto. It’s £20 off their first box and it can be redeemed here!

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