Interview: Anna Barnett

Anna Barnett. We love her food. We LOVE her hair. And now we love her home! As the latest personality to feature on Habitat Voyeur, we were invited into the grand but quirky former-pub she calls home.

How did you find the place?

My friend told me about an old Victorian pub he’d found and bought near where I lived and asked if I fancied moving in, they needed a girl in the house to balance things out a bit. I immediately fell in love with the place plus they had a puppy. I was sold.

Did it feel right immediately?

Yep! It’s pretty much my dream house, a country style haven but still in Hackney (I just wish it was actually mine!). As it’s an old pub we have huge Victorian windows, it’s super bright and open with high ceilings. We really are super lucky.

Anna Barnett. #HabitatVoyeur

How did you shape it – and how did it shape you? 

The house is a concoction of bits that everyone’s collected along the way, except for the kitchen which is pretty much all my stuff. I think because we have the room (plus a huge dining room table) we can be more social and have room to cater for everyone so, in that respect, it’s made our lives more sociable. I love dinner parties so being able to have a load of us regularly sit round the table and eat together is the best thing.

Where’s the heart of this house? And the head? Where do you hide?

The kitchen although I also love the lounge area, we just had a wood burner put in so this is now a gorgeous, cosy calm but bright open space.

Anna Barnett. #HabitatVoyeur

How does the house cope with such a wide range of ages and interests?

I grew in up in a big family, I have five siblings so living in a big space with a load of us feels like home and what I know. I feel really fortunate that we get to live in such a lovely space.

Are you done yet? Is this your perfect habitat?

This is my perfect habitat but we won’t be here forever, I’d love to build our own place or renovate somewhere.

What lessons have you learned along the way?

I should have bought somewhere years ago, especially in Hackney.

What advice would you give your kids about setting up their first home?

Invest in property as soon as you can. Don’t have cream carpets.

Close your eyes, think of home – what do you see?

Open fire place, comfort, lots of lamps (no bright lights!)

Anna Barnett. #HabitatVoyeur

What does Habitat mean to you?

It’s great to have a homeware store that has everything on offer for the whole of the home.

Do you have any memories of the Habitat brand?

I always loved Habitat growing up, everything has always had a bit of edge, been bright and bold.

What Habitat products are your favourites?

The kitchenware is really fun, I love all the striped stuff. They are some really different vases which I really love. I also have a load of the tumblers that look like they been crushed, they’re the perfect short drink glass.


Thanks so much to Anna for talking to us. Stay tuned for more from Anna as she hosts a pop-up lunch club at Platform in November. Anna debut cookery book, Eat the Week, is out now.

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