Jackson&Levine: Supper Club

The Jackson&Levine supper club is the brain child of super talented duo Laura Jackson and Alice Levine. Both creative polymaths in their own right, below is the story of how two girls met at a car boot sale and struck up a culinary friendship.

1. What is the Jackson&Levine Supper Club?

We met at a jumble sale and talked about food non-stop so decided to take on the challenge of setting up a dining club. We both work in TV and Radio and this is a great change from what we do day-to-day and is a real passion project.

Held every 2 months in a warehouse in Haggerston, we seat 16 people around our communal table and serve up seasonal treats from our kitchen. In the past we’ve made ricotta filled ravioli with deep fried sage, hare ragu and lemon posset amongst other things. We always try and source ingredients locally or celebrate the great produce around us by using neighbourhood bakers and wine merchants.


2. Where did the inspiration for the club come from?

We’re not chefs, we’re home cooks and I think we just wanted to extend cooking for one another to cooking for a room full of people, often strangers! It was a challenge and made us focus on what we really like to cook and was a reason to hone our skills. We always look on our favourite restaurants’ websites to check out their menus, and get great ideas from food blogs and instagram, so the Jackson&Levine supper club gave us a chance to put all of that inspiration into action.

3. When’s your next supper club and how do people sign up for it

The next one hasn’t been announced but it will be in May. We always recommend that people sign up to our instagram (Jacksonandlevine) and check our tumblr (jacksonandlevine.tumblr.com) as that will be the first place we post it. It’s first come first served, and with only 16 places, it sells out pretty quickly. The nice thing is that people tell their friends and with word of mouth, it has sold out every time.


4. What’s your favourite table top item from Habitat?

We hung the gorgeous Marmaduke lanterns in the window at different heights giving the perfect illumination and had the French inspired clear Etton cocktail glasses for our rhubarb prosecco. However, I think our absolute favourite piece was the beautiful Bardo tablecloth. The grey looked fantastic with our enamel plates, and the bright colour of the fruit syrup (which was a gift for guests to take home) really popped next to it.

5. What was the first meal you remember cooking and how old were you?

Alice: I had the wonderful Usbourne First Cookbook which had lovely illustrations and recipes like strawberry tarts and cheese soufflé. It is the reason my parents were presented with burnt, messy eggy bread on any Mother’s or Father’s Day for about 10 years. Food was always a really big part of my life at home; my mum and my aunt are fantastic cooks so I would always watch what they did. I got a bit ahead of myself at one stage and tried to make croutons, only to set fire to a pan which my dad had to fling in the garden!

Laura: One of my first food memories is sausages at my Grandma’s. When I was little, I used to stay over and she would always make me a sausage sandwich with brown sauce on white bread. It was one of the reasons I loved going to stay.


6. What’s your favourite new foodie hang out

We love to go to Rochelle’s Canteen together. It’s quite a well-kept secret, housed in the grounds of an old Victorian school behind a red brick wall; you have to ring a doorbell to be allowed into the garden. It’s the sort of food that we aspire to make at home, simple, seasonal and hearty.


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