Story of a classic

A traditional roast dinner is as ubiquitously British as talking about the weather. Surely Habitat couldn’t find a way to reinvent it in the 60s, as he had done with the nation’s sleeping habits?

The technique – place the meat in a roasting tin, baste frequently and serve – worked, yes, but it could work better. The exact history of the chicken brick is unclear, but cooking in mini clay ovens has been around since Roman times. The clay pottery retains heat, and, being porous when soaked in water and then heated in the oven, provides a slow evaporation of steam.

Food cooked in this way is therefore tender and succulent and needs no additional moisture or liquid during cooking. Meat browns in the brick, even with the lid on. Each chicken brick was sold with a recipe card, to persuade customers of its versatility.

Listen to the Ancient Romans and roast your next chicken in this classic piece of kitchen kit.

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