4 Ways To Create The Perfect Video Call Backdrop

With working from home becoming the new norm, our previously unseen  ‘home office’ set ups are now exposed to the world thanks to the rise in video calls. Whether it’s a team catch up on Zoom or an important presentation on Teams, the last thing you want to be worrying about is your video backdrop. Don’t stress – we’re here to help you boss that call with our simple yet affordable video background tips.

Dressing to impress may seem like the top thing to think about when dialling into a video call, but one thing we often overlook is the fact that this new way of working also allows our colleagues to take a sneak peek inside our homes. But don’t worry, that’s where we come in. We’ve outlined 4 easy ways to make your interiors look great on – and off – screen, so there’s one less thing to worry about when that meeting notification pings.


First things first, keep it simple. While your first thought may be to add as much personality as possible to your backgrounds, this isn’t always the best way to showcase your style. If you choose to set up in front of a neutral background, it can call for less distractions during video calls and make your space look a lot more professional. Choosing a neutral background allows you to style it in your own unique way and it’ll soon become a background that reflects exactly who you are.


Throughout the work day, the amount of natural light can change dramatically from hour to hour. If natural light helps you focus more, set yourself up facing a window if possible. Not only is this known to enhance creativity, energy and productivity, it’ll also prevent your space from looking dark and dingy on camera.

As it gets darker you’ll need to turn to your strategically placed lights. Clare Griffin, Lighting Buyer at Habitat, suggests “When it comes to office lighting, you want to make sure you have direct, focused light. Placing bright white bulbs into your table lamps are better for concentration, but make sure you use warm white bulbs elsewhere in the room as this makes way for a much more ambient, relaxed setting once you’ve finished working and are getting ready to video call friends. Adjustable lamp heads, such as our Lizzie and Bobby ranges, are important when working from home as you can angle light exactly where you need it. Floor lamps and wall lights, like our Eero design, are great for adding into a home office as they free up space for other equipment and emit a more calming light.”

Wooden desk with grey chair and colourful table lamp



One of the quickest and easiest ways to add a point of view to your walls is with artwork. Not only does it add personality to your home, it also turns your video call backgrounds into something as stylish as you are.  Make sure you choose designs that inspire you and complement each other – you don’t want to create a gallery wall that distracts you and everyone on the video call.

Abi Thurgood, Junior Buyer for Decorative Accessories at Habitat explains “Our new art collection is proving a hit, with graphic prints featuring bright colours, typography and numbers topping our current bestsellers list. In wall frames too we’re seeing more customers buying into our gallery wall frame packs which come with configurations to show how to easily create an impactful gallery wall. Our lightweight acrylic Bangkok frame collection is also proving a hit – it uses magnets to hold artwork in place is a really easy and affordable way to display artworks smartly.”



Whether it’s your favourite books, trinkets you’ve picked up on your travels or simply just a collection of your favourite indoor plants, it’s time to finish off your backdrop in style. If you’re lucky enough to have a sideboard or bookshelf behind you, fill it with your most prized possessions. Short on space? Why not add a wall shelf and strategically place a few stylish vases and prints on it. Whatever you decide to place there, we can guarantee it’s the perfect way to add personality, colour and style to your video backdrop.

home office with plants

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Top image: Instagram @homewithkelsey featuring the Habitat Cato desk

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