7 Cheap(ish) Updates For Your Bedroom

If your bedroom’s lack of style is sending you to sleep, don’t panic! These quick and affordable tips will instantly revive your room to create a stylish sleeping space.


There’s nothing like a splash of colour to wake a bedroom up. Be bold and choose a bedframe in your favourite hue or simply add a pop of colour here and there to liven things up.

For a subtle hit of colour, pile up pillows and cushions with clashing prints and vibrant hues. Not sure which colour? A good starting point is to look for a predominant shade on the spines of the books on your shelving and duplicate this in your soft furnishings.

Blue bed linen, mustard throw and colourful cushions


Bed linen can also be refreshed to transform a room’s vibe, be it from classic to contemporary, graphic to girly or pastel to primary. And I think we can all agree, there’s nothing quite like fresh bed linen.

Blue velvet upholstered bed frame with blue bed linen and pink velvet cushions

House plants and fresh flowers are another easy and affordable way to introduce colour to your bedroom. Not to mention their health benefits of generating oxygen and removing toxins from the air. What’s not to love? If you’re worried about keeping them alive simply follow Grace & Thorn’s top tips on how not to kill house plants for guaranteed success.



You know what they say: Tidy room, tidy mind. A messy room isn’t conductive to relaxation, or romance for that matter, so make sure everything in your bedroom has a home and is tidied neatly away. Being organised will also buy you precious time in the morning, giving you a legitimate excuse to press snooze.

Designed in-house and exclusive to Habitat, the Cato range of white and oak bedroom furniture is a sleek and sophisticated solution to organising your clothes and accessories.

Wooden chest of drawers in the bedroom

Bedside tables and dressing tables are ideal for tucking away life’s tidbits, while stylish storage boxes and baskets are great for cosmetics, toiletries, jewellery and accessories, as well as easing the burden of dusting. Because who likes dusting?

Read our chic storage ideas for small bedrooms for more tips and tricks.


A bold, geometric pattern will create an instant focal point in an otherwise neutral bedroom. Adding a sense of fun, this large patterned rug will also make the room look bigger and more pulled together. Feeling daring? Try panelling a single wall with a statement wallpaper or stencil for serious wow-factor.

Large multi coloured floor rug in a bedroom


The key trick to diverting attention away from overflowing drawers? An eye-catching display of accessories on top of your storage, of course. Genius! Combine books, vases, decorative accessories and flowers to create an interesting grouping, choosing a common colour or theme to unify unrelated objects.



Artwork exerts an emotional pull that can jumpstart a room’s décor . Your bedroom is the perfect place to express your personality and surround yourself with things you love, whether that’s personal photographs or your favourite prints. Even one print can instantly lift a room’s interior so it doesn’t have to cost the earth. Quick tip? If you’re planning to perch a few frames on top of your bedroom storage, opt for odd number groupings of three or five as these tend to look more aesthetically pleasing than even numbers. Odd, we know.

Wall filled with picture frames and prints

Alternatively if you’re hoping to wow or simply can’t decide on one print, a striking gallery wall is a great interior styling trick. For more inspiration, read our guide on creating your own gallery wall.



As a place of rest and revival, it’s so important to get the lighting of a bedroom right. Contemporary table lamps are an affordable way to create an inviting, comforting retreat without compromising on style.

Don’t be afraid to add drama to your bedroom – a statement chandelier or ceiling light will add a glamorous twist to a room’s décor as well as drawing the eye upwards to make the room feel larger. Just ensure you choose a dimmable option to keep the room as tranquil as possible.

Wooden four poster bed frame with rattan ceiling light



Mirrors are wondrous things, making a room feel instantly bigger as well as adding a luxe touch. As if that wasn’t enough, some multi-tasking styles take it one step further, offering handy storage space as well.

Walnut dressing table with metal legs and mirror


You see, we told you it’s easy to refresh your bedroom on a budget.

What are you waiting for?

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