Get The Festival Look In Your Home

I would definitely classify myself as a ‘festival veteran’. When it comes to festivals, I can say with conviction that I’ve experienced both the very best (seeing David Bowie headline the main stage at Glastonbury) and the very worst (a leaky tent resulting in waking up in a pool of water) of them. I first attended a festival when I was 14. I’ve spent five days battling the constant wind, rain and mud at Glastonbury multiple times (and still say they were some of the best weekends of my life). I went to Reading Festival every year in a row for 15 years. I discovered dance music on the Pyramid Stage when I was 16 years old. I’ve seen the wildest antics at T In The Park in Scotland, and the most civilised festival behaviour at Fuji Rock in Japan.

I loved festivals. However, as the years went on, the need to queue 35 minutes for a port-a-loo, and to wake up hot, sweaty and gasping for air in a tent, started to become less appealing. I felt I’d served my time at festivals. I still wanted to see the bands, hear the music, be part of the moment – but I wanted to do all that while sitting on a really comfy sofa, then heading to my own bed for the night (rather than being woken up by someone tripping over my tent in the dark.)

Last year me and my best mate, my ol’ festival partner in crime, spent the weekend watching Glastonbury in my home and it was BRILLIANT. We turned up the volume on the TV, turned down the lights, opened some drinks and immersed ourselves like we were really there. This year we plan to do the same thing again. However, we are going to go all out and recreate the festival look at home. Here’s my pick of Habitat’s array of brightly coloured, festival inspired homeware, we can get into the festival vibe in my front room this summer.

A collection of garden lanterns

For me, the festival look is all about bright colours. From the variety of colourful home-made flags on display in the crowd; the striped blue, red and yellow circus tents containing the smaller stages, to the clothes, flower-crowns and the face-paint on the festival-goers. A few of these brightly coloured Riband woven bamboo lanterns will look perfect out on my balcony for my “Couchella” weekend. With the candles lit it will also look like all the phone lights and bonfires that you see in the distance on festival nights.

Multi coloured LED lights

I have seen some of my favourite performances at festivals in the dance tent. I’ll be bringing the dance tent from the field into my living room by dotting around these Daphne colour changing fairy lights in the room. Drape these across shelves, or wind them around curtain poles and watch them change colour to recreate the dance tent atmosphere.

Floor lamp

You can’t watch bands at night without them being lit up by the huge spotlights. Main stage spotlights in my home will be taken care of with this cool Shelby black metal floor lamp.

The most comfortable green grassy verge you’ll ever sit on, this Alana sofa in green velvet is perfect to enjoy the best performances over the festival weekend.

Emerald velvet sofa Blue lamp shade

Counting on bright blue festival skies won’t be a problem with this Grande blue/copper lampshade.

Forget soggy burgers in a polystyrene box, or cold noodles in a cardboard tray! For my ‘festival at home’ delicious food will be served on these beautiful Perdita splatter plates.

Brown and white patterned dinnerware

As the headline acts take us towards midnight, I’ll be keeping warm as the night draws to an end with this thick wool Kilburn multi-coloured check wool-blend throw.

Multi coloured Throw

To bring the festival look into my front room, I’ll be adding these Bullseye multi-coloured embroidered cushions to my sofa as they are full of 70’s festival inspiration.

Multi coloured cushion

Rather than trying to keep my drink upright balanced on the muddy grass, I’ll be placing it on this Orrico rose gold hammered aluminium side table instead.Rose gold side table

Umbrellas will be left at the door in this Saunders white metal umbrella stand.White metal umbrella stand

And after all the rocking out is done, I’ll be retiring here to this beautiful Copeland red four-poster bed. Ah, bed. Wonderful comfy bed.

red four poster bedWith Habitat, I can create the ultimate festival look at home, without even stepping in a field! Roll on summer….

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