Best Makeup Organisers & Storage Ideas

Organising beauty products is one thing in life that gives me great pleasure. It’s sad. I know. But I find the best way to get the most out of your products is to have them at your finger tips, knowing exactly where everything is. Plus it means that you can actually be a bit more experimental with your products by rotating what you have (more on this later).

I like to break down my products into categories as it’s the easiest way to see things at a glance – think of it as your own version of a stock inventory! Whether it’s on a shelf, in a box, or in a pouch, I like to arrange things so that face products are all together, then hair, then body, then fragrance. But make-up is really where my organisation comes into its own and I divide it all into sub-categories:

  • Eyes (I categorise this even further, putting mascara and liner in separate pouches – I use the Birchbox ones!)
  • Face
  • Lips
  • Nails

I think the key here is that we all often have multiple shades of make-up products and nail varnishes and it can be easy to forget what isn’t immediately in your day-to-day make-up bag. So I make a habit of going into my product storage and completely changing my make-up bag once a month. It means that I have a regular rotation of products and don’t get too bored. If something has been in storage for six months and I haven’t used it, I either throw it away or re-gift it. Hoarding is never good where beauty products are concerned!  If you’re looking for beauty storage ideas Habitat has a great range of storage boxes in their new SS15 collection, which are perfect to display all your beauty essentials.  I particularly love the Karena storage box, which has 4 layers to help compartmentalise your make up.

This Spring, there are a few beauty essentials that will be gracing my dressing table, all available at The Birchbox Shop:


  • Birchbox Roller Lash – the new mascara from Benefit, it brilliantly curls and lengthens lashes – seeing is believing
  • Insert_CR
  • Cynthia Rowley Beauty Eyeliner – velvety, rich and smooth, we’re excited about this new brand launch at Birchbox HQ


  • Dr Jackson’s Face & Eye Essence – a firming and hydrating gel, perfect for luminous skin


  • Ciate Nail Colour in Hoopla – the perfect spring shade of peach


  • Ren Flash Rinse One Minute Facial – ideal for refreshing the complexion in a minute!

By Jessica Diner, Editorial Director, Birchbox

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