Best Children’s Furniture Ideas

Children are messy. Who are we kidding? People are messy.

What’s the answer? Storage. With most of our houses lacking the amount of storage that the modern day couple/family need, one needs to purchase more stand alone storage i.e cupboards, boxes, shelves, racks etc.

If you need cupboards, Habitat can help you. If you need shelves, Habitat can help you. If you need… you get where we’re going with this.


We’ll start with the trusty coat stand. The Avari stand is made from birch and has 6 little bird-shaped objects on each arm to act as the hooks. Perfect for the kids room or even the entrance hallway.



Available in a number of colours, finished and sizes, our Bocksey has a handle-free, push-latch system and is perfect for storing an abundance of soft toys, matchbox cars, and board games.



Our table/storage hybrid is one of the newest additions to our storage family. It’s distingushing features include a bamboo veneer top and contemporary glossy base. Available in white or two bright pop colours!



Our slightly shorter, more contemporary take on a tallboy goes by the name of Albion. With a mixture of open shelving, a cupboard and two drawers, you have the option of showing off the stuff you love, and hiding the stuff you don’t.



Made from laquered MDF, our Button box is perfect for storing small items like plastic toy soldiers and costume jewellery when not in use.


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