Best Children’s Furniture Ideas

Children are messy. Who are we kidding? People are messy.

What’s the answer? Storage. With most of our houses lacking the amount of storage that the modern day couple/family need, one needs to purchase more stand alone storage i.e cupboards, boxes, shelves, racks etc.

If you need cupboards, Habitat can help you. If you need shelves, Habitat can help you. If you need… you get where we’re going with this.

We’ll start off with the trusty Pongo storage bed. Designed with shelving and cubby holes, it’s perfect for storing book, toys and games in them. It’s space saving, practical and affordable.

Kid's white bed with storage

The Pod drawer offers generous storage space for all of your kid’s clothes and toys and provides generous storage space inside. Complete with green handles and interior, it’ll bring a pop of colour to the room.

Kids' oak 6 draw chest

Constantly picking up your kids’ clothes from the floor for washing? Well no more. The stylishly colourful Noah basket will hopefully encourage your children to put their own dirty washing in the basket.

Orange printed fabric storage basket

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