Celebrate Daylight Saving With A New Modern Clock, We Say!

After many short evenings and dark and overcast weekends, we can finally welcome daylight saving which will commence on the 30th of March.

For those of you who don’t own a clock, due to the fact that you only ever use your smart phones for the time…now is your chance!

Here are our favourites from the Habitat clock collection, and there are plenty more to be found online.



If only all clocks had been this simple when you were learning to tell the time! Our metal Block clock highlights the hour in yellow and the minute hand in a clashing colour, so it makes telling the time that little bit more fun.



Our lovely asymmetrical wall clock allows you to write your own numbers on with chalk, or perhaps your shopping list. The choice is yours!



This clock is perfect for offices and kitchens as you can use it as a cork board as well as a clock! Cork is a natural material so it’s good for the environment and good for keeping your important bills all in the same place!



This double sided wall clock from Karlsson draws its inspiration from old train clocks and feature one face on each side and boasts large, clear markers for each hour. You’ll never be late again!




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