Celebrate Daylight Saving With A New Modern Clock, We Say!

After many short evenings and dark and overcast weekends, we can finally welcome daylight saving which will commence on the 30th of March.

For those of you who don’t own a clock, due to the fact that you only ever use your smart phones for the time…now is your chance!

Here are our favourites from the Habitat clock collection, and there are plenty more to be found online.

If only all clocks had been this simple when you were learning to tell the time! The large black face has a retro flap and displays the time, year, month, date, day of the week and AM/PM. You’ll never struggle remembering the date again!

Black large analogue year wall clock
Multi-coloured wall clock

Our lovely multi-coloured wall clock is a striking and colourful piece that is sure to bring a burst of colour to any of your rooms.


With a click or tap of the fingers, this LED alarm clock shows the time, date and temperature alternatively. You’ll have no more struggles in the night when you’re searching for your phone to check the time and don’t worry, the sound activation is an option so you won’t be kept up with the ticking of clocks.

Silver LED alarm clock with the time and date
White analogue wall clock with a thermometer

This chic white clock not only adds a modern look to your walls but comes complete with a thermometer and hygrometer – making it the perfect gift for all weather watchers.

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