Habitat Presents The Sleepover: Choosing Your Mattress

A good night’s sleep starts with good mattress. Here’s everything you need to know to get yourself a good one.


You spend 26 years of your life sleeping so a mattress is something you can’t afford to scrimp on. Think about your personal requirements: back support, breathability, anti-allergy and so on. From this you can test-drive your shortlist. Get in store, wriggle about, let the mattress warm up beneath you (this is must-do for memory foam). We even recommend you bring along a pillow so you can truly mimic the way you sleep.

close up of mattress springs


The choice of mattress can be quite bewildering. We sell 6 different types. Foam mattresses work well for guest beds, memory foam moulds to support your body, pocket sprung is a great all-rounder, open sprung are cost effective and resilient, natural mattresses offer supreme support and breathability and our kids’ range has been designed to support them as they grow. We have a dedicated mattress buying guide detailing the attributes of each type so you can truly get your geek on.

Corner of mattress


Most mattresses are finished with a plain, quilted or tufted surface. A plain surface gives you a great starting point and can easily accommodate a mattress topper for that extra layer of comfort. Quilted styles have a mattress filling which is attached to the outer surface for a smoother finish. A tufted construction means there are tapes within the mattress which pass through the filling to keep it in place and assist in retaining the mattresses’ shape. Coolmax is a fabric that helps to pull moisture away from the skin. It’s a high performing fabric, often used in sportswear, and works to keep you cool and dry. It is also easily washable.

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