Your Christmas Checklist: TICK!

We’re sorry to break it to you but getting your home ready for Christmas involves slightly more than a crack-of-dawn Christmas Eve supermarket run and a box of mangled tinsel (which, let’s be honest, is not going to make it through ‘just one more year’). An impromptu drinks party resulting in a few unexpected guests for the night; your grumpy aunt deciding at the last minute that yes, she will be there for Christmas lunch; as well as your son returning from university surgically attached to a new girlfriend (no, we don’t know where she came from either) mean you’re going to need to be on your A-game. Fear not, we’re here to make sure flustered is a mask you won’t be wearing this year.


Make sure all bums have a seat come Christmas morning by making sure you order your sofa in time. For Made to Order designs, you’ll need to order by 6 November, but for Ready to Go sofas you have until 10 December.  Chop chop! 

christmas living room inspiration with orange sofa

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Last-minute mouths to feed aren’t a problem with these dining solutions. (Top tip: an extendable table means there’s always room for an extra bum.)

christmas dining table with extra chairs

Don’t forget the tabletop. Trade in the chipped dinnerware and glasses for some sparkly new stuff. And mismatched cutlery might be all the rage, but it only works when it’s careful-curated vintage, dahhhling, so treat yourself to some metalware.

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Spare room had an airbed in it for as long as you can remember? Show your guests you care with an upgrade, just in time for Christmas.

christmas guest bedroom isnpiration

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Trees, wreaths, fairy lights, garlands, baubles and the all important Christmas star. When it comes to Christmas there’s only one rule: more is MORE.

christmas decorations and lights

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Whichever way you package Christmas, it’s hard to get away from gifts. Don’t try to fight it, give in and get them something they’ll love. 


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