Christmas: Decorating Your Home

Christmas tree with multi-coloured baubles

We’re well into December now so it’s time to start metaphorically throwing glitter at the situation! Follow these steps to decorating you home and you’ll be Christmas ready in no time.

Whatever we like to think, however original we think our ideas are, there are essentially two camps for decorating your home for Christmas: classic or contemporary. Set the tone for your home by adorning your front door with a wreath – something like Floreo will fit the bill. Don’t limit yourself to the threshold, any door within your house can get the glammed up – we like the Anngarsk stars.

But from those two categories there are a myriad of roads you can travel down. Will you be traditional but chic-ly colour expressive (for example, real tree, ‘colour’ palette: white and silver)? Or are you looking to be loud and proud (colours clashing? Who cares? Everything but the kitchen sink thrown at the tree? Yeah, pile it on!). Wherever you choose to set up camp, Habitat has both styles down pat.

Wooden christmas tree with colourful baubles and decorations


A real tree, glitter baubles, twinkling lights… you can almost smell the pine, can’t you? Layer up jewel-like baubles, add a bit of glitter and a whole lot of sparkle and you’ve got the makings of a very Habitat Christmas.

The warm glow of fairy lights are a must have when it comes to Christmas. Scatter your mantlepiece with LED wired lights or go all out with a glowing tree that’s looks at home on a coffee table and sideboard. Just like fairy lights, a baubled wreath is just at home on the wall as it is on the front door. Who says you can’t experiment at Christmas?


For most, the tree is the main focal point, and we can’t deny the festive effect this has on your home. Whether you choose to go real, fake or something quite different, we urge you to get flamboyant with lights, garlands and baubles and drape, tie and hang ‘til your heart’s content.

Whilst we’re on the topic of fairy lights, don’t relegate these solely  to the tree. Drape across a mantlepiece or wrap around a banister and window frame. Such is the convenience of LEDs that we now have battery operated fairy lights…no plug point required and therefore endless possibilities for sparkle! Fairy lights have become an all year round affair so don’t even feel obliged to take them down in January. There are really no limits to little lights!

Christmas tree in living room with multi-coloured baubles

Whatever way you choose to decorate your home, we know it’ll be a very merry affair!

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