Christmas gifts, sorted – the hipster

Hipsters, they’re a tricky bunch to buy for. Luckily, we’ve got a great range of gifts that will melt even the steeliest hipster heart…

Like this cardboard (yes, cardboard) Radio and MP3 player, which packs a punch from the large speaker within its recyclable casing. Your hipster pal simply plugs in their MP3 player using the lead provided for impressive volume and quality of sound. It has a telescopic aerial to ensure good FM reception and is powered by 4 AA batteries (included).


The hipster’s preferred mode of transport – the bike – is celebrated in the Cycle cushion. Made from 100% cotton and supplied with a soft, polyester-filled pad, the cushion cover is exclusive to Habitat and a cream version with a female cyclist is also available.


The Puzzleman green robot puzzle arrives in cube form, it’s up to the hipster to transform him! That’s the easy part, though. The second task is to turn him back into a cube. A diverting desktop toy for children and adults alike, Puzzleman is made from wood and available in three colours. His blank face can be customised with a marker pen, so you can decide whether he’s a superhero or a villain. This one looks like he’s just bought a coffee from a cafe then found out they don’t have wi-fi.


This jigsaw is the perfect way to tear a hipster away from their various screens, a good old-fashioned jigsaw, given the cool treatment by Nirvana. Imagination‘s Nirvana Nevermind jigsaw puzzle celebrates the iconic album in 300 double-sided pieces (front and back covers) together with interesting information about the album and its artwork. And you don’t get that from a download, do you? (sorry, that was not a hipster-friendly comment).


These Titter notebooks are perfect for recording a hipster’s bon mots (as well as lists of needed vintage clothing, upcoming gigs and pop-up dates).


Gifts in main images: Etto fringed throw; Wow orange portable bluetooth speaker; Spruce candleholder; O watch in orange; O watch in green; O watch in dark grey; Remember Paolo puzzle game; Matador orange decorative bull objet;

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