Christmas: Squeeze in those extra guests

Are you expecting an influx of guests over the Christmas period? Chances are you’re already panicking about where they’re all going to go, whether the blow-up mattress can tolerate yet another puncture repair kit and where to store all your stuff as you make room for the masses.

Here we have a few nifty purchases that will make the whole affair a lot more tolerable, possibly even joyful*!


You’re expecting 8 for Christmas lunch but Cousin Lily’s decided to bring her new boyfriend and Great Auntie Violet was being all ‘bah humbug’ but now doesn’t want to be on her own. No probs, the Drio oak extending dining table seats 4 people when closed and up to 10 when its 2 extension leaves are added. Sorted.

Drio Dining Table

Sofa beds

If you’ve got the space, a sofa bed really takes the stress out of welcoming overnight guests. The best bit about them, however, is that you have a piece of furniture which will actually get used in daily life.

Kota Sofabed


A click-clack mechanism is something you need to know about. It features on two of our sofas: Kota and Sibu and, in a nutshell, it means that the back of the sofa folds all the way down transforming a 3 seater into a double bed in a matter of seconds (with no need to remove and store countless cushions).

Sibu sofabed



A shelf can become a bedside table with our Tommy clamp-on light.

tommy light

Duvet Sets

A supersoft 10.5 tog duvet, 2 pillows and a storage bag for after the event: every household needs one of our duvet sets.



We’re all for a bit of exfoliation but a guest towel pulled from the back of a linen cupboard that is so crispy it threatens to take off the top layer of skin is no fun for anyone. Stock up on our Egyptian cotton towels which are weighty, super-absorbent and actually become softer with usage.

Egyptian Cotton Towels


Need to make room in drawers and wardrobes? Fill our Jolie underbed storage boxes and kick them out of sight until your guests have departed.

Jolie Storage Boxes


*Please note that Habitat cannot be held responsible for Christmases that don’t achieve the desired level of joy.

Please check our website for delivery dates but, if you’re quick, you’ll get all the above in time for Christmas.


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