Room recipe – Wall clocks

The clocks go back on 27 October. That’s a big hello to dark afternoons, roasted chestnuts, kicking leaves and cosy coats.

Start your autumn in style with a new clock from Habitat. Modern, bold and graphic, natural, minimal or retro-style, there’s a clock in the collection to fit into any wall or mantelpiece.

We love the Calculus range, with its minimal, architectural style. It was designed in-house and is exclusive to Habitat. The Outline round black wall clock is a cool contemporary update on a traditional pendulum timepiece.

The Leff grey faceted wall clock shows a different perspective on time. Its shape emphasises the relationship between time and light, making it a modern version of a sundial. The colourful Spectrum clock is inspired by the ‘Cuisenaire’ rods used to teach children to count in units.

Outline square red; Outline round black; Sleigh; Karlsson double-sided wall; Leff 24-hour flip; Elio wooden wall; Blaze wooden wall; Pinot square cork wall; Leff grey felt wall; Calculus metal wall; Spectrum large spoke wall; Leff grey faceted wall; Calculus black metal wall

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