Colour Psychology: The Autumn Personality

We’ve teamed up with interior designer and colour fanatic, Sophie Robinson, to help you discover your colour personality. Based on the work of psychologist, Angela Wright, who studied different personalities and their relationship with colour families, Sophie (alongside brand consultant, Fiona Humberstone) uses the concept of colour psychology to split personalities into four different groups – Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. Here she goes into more detail about the Autumn personality – someone who is attracted to rich colours and furniture with a textured feel. Overall they want their space to feel welcoming, cosy and relaxed. Sound like you? Watch the below video or read on to discover more about the Autumn personality.

Autumn is organic, robust, and abundant. Here are five common traits of an Autumn personality…

1. They are passionate people with a strong connection to nature.

warm autumn living room

2. They are attracted to rich colours and furniture with a substantial or textured feel.

warm autumn cosy sofa with textured cushions

3. Authenticity is an important element and so they love the rustic style and anything that celebrates craftsmanship and heritage. They make passionate up-cyclers!

handmade vases

4. Natural travelers they love to collect anything ethic and artisan and want their spaces to feel welcoming, cosy and relaxed.

metallic brass coffee table

5. They have a great love of art and education so they will definitely have a library of books in their home.

Sound like your style?


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