Colour Psychology: The Spring Personality

We’ve teamed up with interior designer and colour fanatic, Sophie Robinson, to help you discover your colour personality. Based on the work of psychologist, Angela Wright, who studied different personalities and their relationship with colour families, Sophie (alongside brand consultant, Fiona Humberstone) uses the concept of colour psychology to split personalities into four different groups – Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. Here she goes into more detail about the Spring personality – someone who seeks to create a modern yet welcoming interiors scheme with lots of natural light, glossy surfaces and warm yet light colours. Sound like you? Watch the below video or read on to discover more about the Spring personality.

The Spring personality is full of life and youthful energy. Like the first signs of spring they are optimistic and have a very positive outlook. Here are five tell-tale signs that define a Spring personality…

1. They crave lots of natural light

white shelf with plant and vases

2. They favour new designs but also busy prints with lots of energy

gallery wall

3. Furniture will have clean lines in pale woods or painted and they love a little sparkle so glass and glossy surfaces are a favourite

sophie robinson styles a spring personality room

4. Textures will be smooth or shiny and styling will feel modern yet welcoming. Ultimately they are young at heart so they love collecting anything kitsch.

hands cushion

5. Colours are warm but clear so they have a lightness to them



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