Colour Psychology: The Summer Personality

We’ve teamed up with interior designer and colour fanatic, Sophie Robinson, to help you discover your colour personality. Based on the work of psychologist, Angela Wright, who studied different personalities and their relationship with colour families, Sophie (alongside brand consultant, Fiona Humberstone) uses the concept of colour psychology to split personalities into four different groups – Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. Here she goes into more detail about the Summer personality – this person tends to lean towards muted and subtle colours and patterns in their home resulting in an understated yet elegant interiors style. Sound like you? Watch the below video or read on to discover more about the summer personality.

The Summer personality is graceful, elegant and more reserved in character. Take inspiration from a lazy hazy hot English summers day. Here are five traits of a Summer personality…

1. They are attracted to more muted and subtle colours, and patterns are painterly and flowing.

fresh summer dining room with oak furniture

2. Generally they love a soft, floaty and romantic style, but also love perfection.

cream blanket on an oak dining chair

3. Their homes may be styled quite formally and they’ll enjoy symmetrical arrangements and structure.

stoneware tableware on dining table

4. They are attracted to faded grandeur, so love elements of patina and distress.

greenery for dining room

5. They love quality and aesthetics but the overall look is understated and never showy.


Sound like your style?


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